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Theosophical Society of Tulsa Inaugural Meeting

theosophical society of tulsa Left to Right- Wilfred Berlin, Olivia D’Rozario, Gloria Busch, Suzanne Kacmarcik, Michelle Johnson, Ann Parker, Margitta Grona, Beth Mathers, and Kent Martin

Theosophical Society of Tulsa

Inaugural Meeting

June 21st, 2015

The newly reformed Tulsa Chapter of the Theosophical Society met for the first time Sunday, June 21st. There were eleven present to help launch the group towards a deeper understanding of Theosophical teachings.  Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of each month @ 2:30 at Peace of Mind Books.

July’s meeting will be held on the 4th Sunday (July 26th) due to many members attending the Psychology: Science of the Soul National Conference at The National Theosophical Center in Wheaton, Ill.

The Theosophical Society was founded in New York City in 1875 with the motto, “There is no Religion higher than Truth”

Following are some of the more prominent Theosophical writers:

-Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

-Alice Bailey

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

-Charles Webster Leadbeater

-Annie Besant

 For more info on the Theosophical Society of American go to www.theosophical.org.


From the Minister’s Study

At the end of October, we celebrate “Samhain” or Hal-loween where we don masks and costumes all in good fun. As we do so, let us take note of the many masks we wear everyday.

We identify ourselves by various conditions that are false and not our true selves. We have many masks that we have accepted as real; I am a doctor, I am an engineer, a stay at home mom, a clerk, etc…We are a societal position, a cor-porate status, a family lineage, name, nationality, religion, race, or affiliation.

All of these are but incidental parts of our human ex-pression, not our true nature or selves. These various identi-ties may change or fall as we grow and widen our understand-ing. Can we expand and free ourselves from this age old cycle? Remember!! We are Spiritual Beings experiencing life as a Human Beings—spirit in action! We are not human “doings” who are too busy identifying with career, personality, family, social status or our imagined selves.

Take time this month to see how “authentic and real” you can be. Drop the role you play and be who you really are-



In and through the power of light and love, I remain your servant.

David Kazmierzak

(Guru Darshan Singh)

Mind the Sails!

Where it all began...

I work for the Church of Holistic Science which owns Peace of Mind Books, Aquarian Age Massage and Spiritworks Gifts located on beautiful historic Cherry Street in Tulsa, OK.  A little history concerning the place, I feel is in order.

According to legend, Peace of Mind was founded in 1975 as a little used bookstore in the corner space of what then was a run-down old hotel called the Lincoln Lodge…the kind of place where Tulsa’s indigent were more than likely to end up.   The then owner and founder of Peace of Mind soon after, with the help of our current boss, opened Aquarian Age Massage; Tulsa’s very first spa that still boasts the best steam and sauna in Tulsa.  In 1980, it was incorporated as the Church of Holistic Science a non-denominational organization.

From its inception, this was no ordinary place.  First of all, it is a metaphysical bookstore.  We carry books covering every religion in the world, a very large and extensive astrology section, hundreds of decks of tarot cards, and an herb room where we weigh up herbs by hand from over 200 types that we keep in stock.  We also pour our own essential oils and carry a very large selection of incense, gemstones, runes, wands, and anything else an esoteric practitioner may need.

And books…lots and lots of books.  It was said back in the 90’s, when I first came on board, that we were the largest metaphysical bookstore in the Mid-West.  In that 20 year span of time, we can now boast that we are the largest in the nation.  And I have even heard it said by bibliophiles who travel the globe, that we may be the largest in the world.  Yes, that’s right….in Tulsa, Oklahoma….right smack dab on the buckle of the Bible Belt which makes for a very interesting dichotomy.  If I were to estimate, I’d say we have over 100,000 books in our collection.  Some so rare that you cannot find them anywhere else in the world.

Upstairs at the Peace of Mind Bookstore

Once you enter here, it feels as if you have stepped back in time.  As soon as you walk in the door and smell the incense soaked walls and top those ancient marble stairs, it feels like home.  It is the only place that some feel is where they belong.   Peace of Mind is just that for many others besides me.

And now here we are at the dawn of the digital age.  Bookstores are dying by the hundreds everyday, and this ancient beauty has nearly succumbed to that same economic peril.  How does a store that sells print material compete in the age of the Kindle Fire and digital downloads?  How do you retain the idenity that makes you who you are but not become obsolete??  That is our current challenge…not only with the store…but with the church as well.  People just don’t crave the social interaction they once did before Facebook and Twitter satisfied the need for socializing from the comfort of our couches.  How do we make the turn? Navigate these unknown waters?  Not become a dying relic that no longer has a useful purpose??

That is the question dear readers.  And the more I ponder it, the more I realize it is a question for us all to ponder…individually, as a community, as a specie and as a planet.

How do we make the turn??