Mixed Blood and a Search for Heritage

*some names have been changed to respect privacy.

I know that this post will offend. Having grown up in once was what was Indian Territory, I am no stranger to the culture of exclusion the native tribes have towards those, like me, who cannot trace their lineage to the rolls. Some writers even claim the government had nothing to do with native families not signing. While that claim may be true for the Cherokee, as research has pointed, it is not true for all tribes. One must have a balanced and educated approach to this in order to understand how exclusionary this is to those of mixed blood.

The Cherokee Nation was and still is a powerful group. They had a highly organized political and educational system decades before their forced removal in the 1800’s. When they relocated to Park Hill in Indian Territory, they brought their schools and government with them. What is now Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma was the first recognized school west of the Mississippi. The tribe had a written language and a powerful organized band of politicians who were able to lobby and partition for tribal rights before many other civilized tribes were ever able to organize. To base all removal ideology on the history of that eastern tribe’s history is erroneous.  But here is where the problem begins.


Map of Indian Territory

Other tribes did not have a written language or the powerful political machine that the Cherokee had and still have.  They were the farmers of the Mississippi delta. Quiet and unassuming for the most part, instead of fighting their own tribe’s removal, they agreed to the march north and east to Indian Territory. The tribe I am specifically referring to is the Choctaw Nation. The Choctaw entered into treaty after treaty with the U.S. government to secede their lands in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Each treaty was broken and subsequently, the first of three forced removals began in October of 1831 and resulted in the Choctaw’s version of the Trail of Tears. Thousands of Choctaw perished on that journey, and once the survivors arrived, they found that white settlers had already claimed the land that they were promised in Arkansas.  They then settled in the southeast corner of what is now Oklahoma.

My own families’ oral tradition concerning our native heritage is scant at best. I remember my father telling me that his great grandmother was part of the Indian Removal, that she was the only survivor of her immediate family, and that she was 16 when she arrived. We, like many others whose ancestors arrived during this time in history, have very little evidence to go on. We have a picture of her, her last name, and the stories that were passed down for us to piece together. And when your lineage is maternal, as mine is, it is most definitely about the white man‘s laws. Women had no rights before 1920 regardless of your bloodlines. If you were female, you could not make decisions for your household. My family is not the only one whose decision regarding the signing of the rolls was made by the white male head of household. In fact, my husband, who is also of native decent that cannot be proven had the same fate befall his father’s family.

I was told as a child that we were Cherokee, and didn’t begin to question this until I was older and had studied tribal history on my own. I was also told that there were no records of our family as being registered on the Cherokee rolls. At the time I was a student at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah (the Cherokee Nation Capital) and spent hundreds of hours in the restricted section looking for anything that would link me to the past I longed for.  Nothing. Just as my dad and my cousins had said. When my own sons began getting older, I revisited my search. By this time, the rolls had been preserved electronically and all one needed was access to the internet to do a search.  I again started with the Cherokee rolls and again nothing. Because I knew that Redbud, Oklahoma in southeastern Oklahoma was where my grandfather was born and raised, I decided to try the Choctaw rolls.  And lo and behold, there was my family surname, Lovelace. In fact, there were five Lovelace’s listed, but none of them were my great-great grandmother.  I can only assume those listed were cousins or aunts or uncles to my great-great grandmother.  And without birth certificates to link the bloodlines, I was out of luck.

But that doesn’t remove the longing I have. And it doesn’t displace the sadness I feel when I go to tribal functions and am considered an outsider.  This began when I was a young girl growing up in the heart of Cherokee country. My family moved to Sequoyah County when I was 6 years-old. All my friends were native and I spent many summers with them as their guest going to gatherings. My oldest sister married a man who was half Cherokee, had two children, and lived with his mother who was a full-blood and spoke Cherokee. When I was 10, I moved in with them to help my sister raise her babies. I spent many hours with her mother-in-law, Marie, who would tell us stories and teach us how to speak a few words and sentences in Cherokee. I was enamored with the culture. To me, it felt unbelievably natural and even as a young child, I knew how honored I was to have this experience. I would go with Jeff’s family to their Indian land; I witnessed my niece and nephew receive their Cherokee names; I went to stomp dances as his guest; and I ate the beans and fry bread that his mom prepared.

When I was 15, my best friend, who is half Cherokee and on the rolls, invited me to go with her to her the gathering of her mother’s clan. Kelsey was gorgeous, being half Cherokee and half Irish, she had long, beautiful blond hair and big brown eyes. When we arrived and jumped out of the back of her brother’s pick-up truck, I remember being excited because there was a ballgame in session, and I loved any kind of team sport. We began walking towards the game. I had already spotted several girls I knew from school and was anxious to join. As we came closer, I noticed the girls moving towards each other, not smiling at us as I was smiling at them. Kelsey was hanging back, and it wasn’t long before I knew why. Zing! Something flew past my head. At first I thought it was a ball and that they were simply inviting us to play. Then I saw it. Each girl had a dirt clod in their hands and were aiming to hit us.  “Cotton hair!” they shouted. By this time I was half way between them and my friend. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Kelsey turned around and headed back towards the truck with tears in her eyes. I was pissed, but knew that I was an outsider and had better go with my friend. “What the hell was that for?” I asked her when I came up. “That’s what they call me and my sister.”

“But that’s Vicki! We play on the same team at school! We eat lunch together!”

“We’re not at school.”

No we were not. We were on their land and we looked “white”.

Kelsey, her sister, and I spent the rest of that day playing in the creek by ourselves. Every now and then a young male would come down and try his best to get our attention, but that hoard of scowling girls were never far behind. And that’s when I got it. It was jealousy. Kelsey was able to traverse both worlds because of the simple way her DNA decided to pronounce itself. She was native, but looked white which afforded her opportunities they felt they were denied.


The Council Oak Tree in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When I was 17 my sister’s family moved to Muskogee and I moved back to Tulsa where my mother, father and brother had moved years before. Tulsa was a tribal community long before statehood and takes it’s name from the Creek word “Tulasi,” meaning “old town” in their native language. Less than half a mile from where I work is the Council Oak Tree. This is where tribal leaders from the Five Civilized Tribes would meet each year to discuss business and the Lochapoka (Turtle Clan) continued to use the site as late as 1896 for ceremonies, feasts and games. The area surrounding the tree was turned into the “Creek Nation Council Oak Park” in 1929. Tulsa is a town of mingled heritages. White cattle men and ranchers often intermarrying with local natives.

We relocated to Skiatook, a small town north of Tulsa. And that is where I still live today. Skiatook sits half in Tulsa County and half on Osage land. For those unfamiliar with Native culture, the Osage are a Plains Indian who were forced to abandoned their customs to sit idle and depressed on a reservation. Unlike the Eastern tribes, the Osage were accustomed to moving freely across the expanse of the Great Plains. They were fierce warriors and hunted the bison that roamed America’s bread basket. To say they poised a challenge for the agrarian Eastern Tribes, is an understatement. The attitudes in this part of Oklahoma were very different from what I was used to. First of all, the Osage were very wealthy. The oil boom of the 1920’s had made them rich. Head rights were premium and some even lost their lives for the love of black gold. The Osage families that I went to high school with therefore, were revered. And it was very much a taboo for any white person to join their ceremonies.

It wasn’t long before I befriended a girl named Jessica. Jessica reminded me a lot of Kelsey. She too had native blood (Osage) and long blond hair. Jessica’s family owned a large amount of Osage land making her a wealthy young woman of 17. She drove a new car, had great clothes and always had money to spend on food, beer, or whatever else we needed to have a good time. She was literally a little Indian Princess, or at least acted as such and was treated that way by others in her community.  But here’s the ironic part. Jessica was 1/64th native. But that didn’t seem to matter. She was given access to her heritage and was revered by her community. She had less tribal blood in her entire being than Kelsey had in her big toe.

I find it amusing that anyone who can claim Oklahoma as their native land, cannot claim their native heritage. If you are at least a third generation Oklahoman, chances are you are tribal. The odds that you aren’t, are far too remote. And as for myself, who can trace her family back five generations on both sides, I am Native American. So forgive me if your claims to tribal lore and customs seems a bit thin. You shut out those whose ancestors were unable to sign a piece of paper and give head rights to those who are no more deserving than others who you shun. You say the government had nothing to do with those difficult decisions of signing, as if the climate then was the same as it is now. You actually have fooled yourself into believing that everyone had a choice. They did not. I’m quite sure that if my great-great grandmother would have known that eventually the culture of acceptance would change, she would have, if she could have, signed that document. She would have been counted among her people.

And so would have I.



Chinese New Year opens with a big bang, but no news as to what exactly that will actually look like. There are a number of details revolving around sorting out opportunity in the confusion of stalemates. If you are actively looking for what is really best for the future, you will find it. Intent is very important right now. I think the key to all this will also be what is the undercurrent to how people are thinking. Jupiter is trine to Neptune in Aquarius so this is definitely a time to chime in with a dialogue that promotes well being. Stick to what is really said not twists and turns. You have all week to delve into this or maybe many situations that need consideration with a highlight on February 5th.

Romance is starting to be on some people’s minds and this week will give you some movement in the direction you wish to travel. Be aware that the T Square will not be ignored and some things need to be resolved before going forward. This should not be news to anyone. Even then the fun flirty moments will be just that. But it will give some people a chance to realize they are still desirable as they put down what needs to be changed.

Also be aware that Venus has gone direct today January 31st. This means that personal  negotiations are going to show outcomes soon. If you have been waiting for things to get motivated, they will start to show action this week.

To start in with the events of the week here goes:

Friday, January 31st brings the Chinese New Year. I usually like this holiday because of the fireworks, bravado, costumes and food. This time of winter we need to have a sense of excitement. I also love the chance to wear red! The Moon is in Sidereal Aquarius bringing a feel of good will to our fellow man. Although there will be a number of people (related to the squares and opposition that will not be in a congenial mood). This could be a day to chose wisely who you associate. Some people can bum you out in a moment and that would just not be a good way to start out this week.

Saturday, February 1st a lot of the challenges will be eased and we will be faced with continued study and consideration of one larger issue.  This one will not be settled easily or quickly, but some clarity can definitely be defined today. Last week had us pulled in all kinds of directions but today will seem simpler. Do take time to consider the love factor in your life and help to keep an open mind to those related events.

Sunday, February 2nd is Ground Hog day.  Other cultures consider this to be a more significant day in the turn of the calendar wheel. This is the agrarian time of seeing the first bit of milk in breeding animals. It is energetically a very good time to tune or charge your own internal forces. Today will bring a better focus on who you want to be and how to make that a reality. I plan on a longer than usual meditation session. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Pisces bringing some deep psychic charges your way.  Be extra wary of dream cycles, too.

Monday, February 3rd the Moon will conjunct with Uranus today. With the added square to Jupiter, expect things to get really weird. And things can go any which way with little or no warning. Overall, most things will be fine giving additional focus to what things are different. Go with the flow today as much as possible. But be ready to potentially take a stand on that long festering challenge that is in your world.

Tuesday, February 4th be ready for some stalemates on key issues. This is short lived so if you are not involved directly in the process, catch up on cleaning your desk or primping your work area. Be aware that the status quo is destabilized today.

Wednesday, February 5th Romance may be in more spotlights than ever. While there are some chances that perfection will be lacking, you can definitely see that there is love in the air. If you have done your responsible amicable break from what does not work, you will be very happy you are open to what is before you. The Moon is in Sidereal Aries right now bringing possible rogue independence to normally very bonded type of personalities.

Thursday, February 6th is a continuation of yesterday’s personal freedom announcement. There is a second T Square just for the day setting up potentially a work to hide my fears behavior. The future is unknown and unstable and that is exactly what is craved at this time. Why is it we tend to want just the opposite of what is available to utilize? Expect some fall out events over the next few days. Now if you have been conscientious  about this event, know that the impact will be a energetic release and clearing of the vessel to be ready for the next new wave of connections. I might note that if you have been single and available for a while, go easy on who you are trying to set up connections with. They may be going though some major emotional extremes until they get settled. Like the adage says, “hold on loosely…”.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen



This week will be one of following your muse or emotional nature.  The Moon will transit some potent orbs in the wheel,  bringing mostly some epiphanies to those working towards spiritual heights. Each day is going to bring a different issue to the forefront so be ready for a bumpy but worthwhile ride.

The big background challenge is going to be the T Square with what needs to change. No need to think it has to be done all this week, this configuration is for a while. This week is going to focus on what is near and dear to our hearts. Venus is closely aspecting Pluto this week. In saying that, remember that Venus is viewed in a few ways. Not only is this orb considered the quintessential embodiment of love and women, there is a masculine side to it as well, such as the Greek polarity of calculated and amicable battle. Also consider the Vedic version of all the things that make life juicy including money, possessions and heartfelt relationships. All of these aspects can be up for review and adjustment this week. This should not be news as this conjunction has been building with the retrograde movement of Venus. Think back to November 15th, If you can remember this time, you will be revisiting the events of that time and now coming to some internal peace with what transpired. This will be destabilizing for many, but in review, there can be a better understanding of the situation.

Probably not a good week to buy something big unless it is broken. Learning to live with what works is better.  Like some early spring cleaning to get in the right groove in the name of Feng Shui and the coming Chinese new year. Which is January 31st. My tradition is to have the house cleaned, trash out, broken things out and/or replaced and to wear something new. So you have all week to go through your house and garage and make sure things are good to go.

Also in a couple of weeks, Mercury will be going retrograde from February 7th through the 28th. Try to schedule important things to be signed or bought before or after these dates. Mercury Retrogrades can mess up some people, so if you are one of those, settle your affairs early or delay until later. More on that in a couple of weeks.

So for the daily’s

Friday, January 24th I like to consider the geometry that may be in force for any given day and today has a rare Kite formation. These usually result in hard work paying off with results. What this means is a Grand Trine in air and a triad with Venus/Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius as the apex. In this case it will be cognitive stability and deeper understanding that will set a new paradigm with how we look at what is our plan for the future. Change on this day is well aspected, so don’t delay in doing what you can in whatever challenge comes your way today. This could be huge! The Moon is in Libra today also, bringing balance or legal justice to the outcomes of this day.

Saturday, January 25th the Moon will move into Sidereal Scorpio and conjunct Saturn.  With the excitement of yesterday, today you may wonder if you could have done it better. Self doubt will creep into your intuitive self.  I really see this as logic trying to sway passion into submission.  Don’t play the game of self doubt and know yesterday was what it had to be.  No matter what, yesterday is gone and today is what we make of it. If you can focus on what is best for the future and your personal healing, you will be on the right track.

Sunday, January 26th the waters of your emotions may feel very murky. If you have a friend or confidant that is an earth sign, especially Capricorn, have a talk with them. From the unsettled aspects of your deeper emotional status, you can find a water lily come into bloom. Things that you can think of,  that equate positive actions,  will be a better focus than what is being left behind. Still, today can go either way depending on how your personal chart locks into this mix of energies today. Consider how your actions will serve you before you just do something ill advised. Cause and effect are a good guide right now.

Monday, January 27th not everyone loves Mondays, but this one will be particularly productive. Focus on your work and let your gut tell you how to speak and what things to do that will produce the most. There will still be much in chaos right now, with people who need to change but chose to stay stagnant. Avoid them and work with those who are ready to get the job done.

Tuesday, January 28th for the next couple of weeks we should start to see a result in some far reaching community efforts. This is just the glimmer of what is to come, so stay tuned and active where you can be of service to ideals that serve you and your neighbor. Thoughts will change or become known, as conversations begin in earnest to elevate the status quo to serve more of those who participate in the workings of life. Also the Moon will firmly move into Sidereal Sagittarius and conjunct that Venus/Pluto . If you had been unclear what this was going to be in your life, you should have a good sense of the situation today. With the oppositions and squares on this powerful point of desires, transformation, opportunities and how weird can it get… buckle up, it could be exciting, scary, and vivifying all in one.

Wednesday, January 29th after yesterday, I don’t expect many of you will feel like doing anything. The dye has been cast and now we need those in power to settle out the dust. You regular folks, like me, should just attend to your personal business as our connection with the next step is in limbo right now. A level of trust that if you have been interactive with what had to be done, then the right pieces will fall into place at the right time. I plan on taking a nap today and do a bit of day dreaming.

Thursday, January 30th today is the second new moon in the month. This one is in Capricorn a stable, but sometimes harsh placement. The Moon is also conjuncting the Sun bringing about a profound change that may not be seen. On a personal level, this is an excellent day to do some personal work releasing hard earned lessons and becoming open to the new potential of tomorrow. This winter has been harsh for many people, not only the weather, but the realities. All lessons are there to help us grow, don’t get caught in the trap of ruminating over losses, disharmonies or uneasiness. We need to be clearing the deck for spring and potential. Remember that Mars approaching the North Node or draconian point is well aspected to opening up to new ideals and ideas. Lessons are learned and adjustments are made creating positive change.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen





The events of the last full moon should give you a glimpse of what the power structures are around you. I for one, found the flu finally releasing it’s grip on me and getting into some semblance of normalcy. Gratitude was my energizing mantra and enumerating my blessings will continue. So consider those points you were facing on Wednesday and fine tune them this next week. If it was a challenge, good, focus on why it was and make remedies.

What the general influences of this week will really relate to the bigger plan and how it effects your day to day. The Grand Square is mostly out of connection leaving a T Square focused on how things are run, challenging how we operate as a society.  This is part of a long running experience that will continue for some time yet to come. Expect resistance to change from factions that do not take in consideration the whole picture.

What we are seeing this month is the taking down of old rotten forms. Depending on where you heart and mind are, can make the difference between implosion or exploration. Romance is on the back burner much of this week as well. But remember there needs to be a clearing of your heart to create space for the right one to step in.  Venus is in retrograde right now and approaching Pluto in Sagittarius. So that self exploration is essential for preparing for what is to come next.  Just don’t get stuck in the past, because this conjunction will be crushing. Fortunately the overall influence of Sagittarius is not stubbornness.. but that of inner illumination and broader understanding.

The other set of transits later this week involve the Moon in Virgo then Libra conjunction Mars and the North Node on the 23rd. For many this will open up a way to work on something near and dear to your heart.

Friday, January 17th this is the last day of the Grand Square which has been tying up our ability to act, dream, shake up the status quo and make necessary changes that will be beneficial. The positive indicators say that if you have a solid mental focus you can break the chains that have been holding you back lately. But that metal focus needs to be ready to work hard for results. A very practical side must be part of this action plan. If it is not, you will notice very quickly. With the Moon in Sidereal Cancer, let the flow of synchronicities be your guide as to where you should be headed.

Saturday, January 18th the predominate challenge is one that will last a while. How we focus has been how things were and what things are like right now. The game has changed and the sooner we see it, the quicker the right changes will occur.  I say this because there is an obsessive tendency today to not think about what really is and get nostalgic. While it is wonderful to remember when things seem to make life easier, yesterday’s methods will not work today or probably ever again. Catch yourself and make sure you are seeing things clearly. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Leo and there is a lot of difficulty in seeing the sunny side up today.

Sunday, January 19th the morning is permeated with something ready to gel. By afternoon you will know what you need to do and seek out those who can help get it done. So am I saying a day of teamwork?  Maybe?  But there is plenty of personal power to create your destiny by your own means. With the trine to Venus, this is a great day to connect up with the things that make us all happy. If you are inclined to meeting someone new this is a good day to exchange numbers. But be aware the window of opportunity is today and tomorrow. It will be back to settling out what has not been working in your love life. Prepare for Valentine’s day today and clear the decks in an amicable way.

Monday, January 20th communication will seem a bit more sharp today. Watch out for saying something that you will regret or have a difficult time smoothing over. What the winning combo is to speak about things you will and can do. Our emotional levels are high and in tune. Things that suit the general wellbeing will be the most productive energies to connect up.

Tuesday, January 21st. with the Moon going into Sidereal Virgo today, count on getting to work on what is important. Just be wary that it is not going to be without challenge. Be careful about subterfuge from out of nowhere. Things said are not as important as things implied. Get to the bottom of the true meaning. Much of yesterdays positive energies are still very powerful today. So take care of yourself and those who are important.

Wednesday, January 22nd today brings back the Grand Square, but just for the day. So what you have formed around you will be solid. The big news is the Moon has moved into the orb of Mars creating some very nice intuitive insights as to what the next move should be. This has been building over the last few days so take some time for review of events and pull them all together. There is a continued feeling of a brighter future today.  Enjoy it!

Thursday, January 23rd enjoy this short time of things falling into place. I suspect most of you will encounter a steady stream of fortuitous events that will shape your future. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Libra and is conjuncting the North Node with lots of gentle positive corroborations. Be wary that there may be some strong personalities out there screaming for attention.  Don’t give it to them unless they deserve it.  I also see something of a voice of the people being heard. While we have become war weary of a few special interests groups being dominate, this is a time where the lions will roar loudly. Join in if you can.

As a teaser for next Friday, LOVE,LOVE LOVE… ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen





This week will greet us with a Grand Square involving some very slow moving orbs.  The most intense part of this “boxing in” will be when our emotional state and opportunities will meet road blocks. The very core of how we think about ourselves in the group could be a pressure point. After this week, this Grand Square tends to break up with just occasional transits recreating the same issues. This could be a pivotal week in the way things are. The shift may not be really noticed.  I suspect that the elements involved in this “elephant in the room” have been well established from the generational  square of Uranus and Pluto. It is a primary component in blockages, conflicts and hissy fits. The good news is, this is on a larger arena and only the after effects will be noticeably perceived by the average soul.

The tactics of more subversive elements will be frustrated thereby creating tantrums because of the inertia.  People are tired of the same rhetoric and sides are changing. Clearly with the Draconian points being well aspected, especially with Chiron the Wounded Healer and Neptune, general sentiment is changing. Expect focal points to change to work with deeper problems rather than the damage control antics of the past.

With the Stellum activated, a good part of the week, will find leaders for the common good in focus and speaking up. And there will be many listening as to how they can make a difference rather than squirrel away more for themselves. The days of the sheep and Shepard are fleeting. The sheep are learning fast as the Shepard is being recognized as a wolf instead. The trick is that action will be slow and deliberate, as should be with big changes.

Friday, January 10th brings an end of the work week in a tangle. The fortunate person will be able to let that go and focus on how to do things to create a more healthful environment in their lives. Different  needs should be fed than have been in the old dynasty. Our hearts will be more focused on love and the things that nurture our souls.  There will be plenty going on in relation to this for those who are open to the possibilities. The moon is in Sidereal Taurus creating some very luscious indulgences for those who wish to imbibe.

Saturday, January 11th brings more focus on what excitement and intrigue we can express. Those with a wealth of experience will find the old fashion “happening” when they join in with those of like minds. There is no way to gauge where that conversation will go, but be sure that pulling some of the idealism of the past into the future will be at work. Even those who  went to the “dark side” will find the de je  vous enlightening.

Sunday, January 12th Most of today will find the Moon in Rohini a Vedic goddess association with abundance.  For those in mid degree Sidereal Taurus and other earth signs will find some manifesting of desires and just plain fun in what they chose to do. There will also be some movement in areas where you heart or desire nature leads you also. So forget about drudgery because you will lose out on the groovy part of this day.

Monday, January 13th the work day begins with a Grand Trine in Air. The Moon will be in Sidereal Gemini creating some alternative solutions for long standing situations. Also an element of communication, which is always healthy, allows brainstorming that can transform what is done. Just be aware that some who just can’t handle things outside their heads and the way things have always been done will cause problems. Politely ask them to open their mind or open the door for them to leave. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Tuesday, January 14th this day has a set of trines that open up some important opportunities to be discussed for the future. If you have been waiting for the time to be right to move forward with a concept, this is the day to finalize some concepts and set in motion the intellectual aspect of that concept. Unfortunately today will not be a great day for romance or acquiring things. So don’t worry if someone has not tweeted you in the last hour and focus on living your life in an outward way. You can catch up later with some lively exchanges.

Wednesday, January 15th most of today will be similar to yesterday except a fortunate connection with the Moon and Saturn will pose a sincere grasp of what is solid and sustainable. This is also a full moon and be aware that there is a need to constrain your imagination a bit. The energy is high and mostly unworkable so if you can spend the evening reflecting, grounding and healing, you will be miles ahead of those who just go home and bury their troubles.

Thursday, January 16th brings in the Moon in Sidereal Cancer. With the lunar trine to Uranus, if your computer needs attention, do it today.  Also be on the lookout for synchronistic favors and benefits to flow your way.  Especially for those who have astrological associations with water signs. Most individual charts have something in water and that aspect of yourself or that house in your chart could be positively charged with the unusual happenings of the day. Especially when communications about money are concerned.


Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen




There will be some rather powerful fixations this week with a shift from one issue to another. The good news is as each shift happens things are resolved and the next piece becomes the focus.  A series of Grand T Squares will move through just about every possible motivation we have and cause a retool or rethink of what needs to be done. Call it an early year course correction, but mostly there will be some strong positive support for those willing to be team players. This is not at time to do it alone. 

There is a strong sense of going your own way right now, when you can’t seem to get things moving on as a group. While this is tempting, there is no support that it will work for you, so just work with the right people. In a practical way, when you can’t get much out of others, then pick another set of “others”. Managers may find it better to redesign teams with some different dynamics. Many will be bogged down in process, overload or flawed systems. If you don’t have to be suffering with them, find a new crew to work with. 

Overall the functioning aspects relate to a kite formation involving how the group works, spirituality, the foundations that need to be reconstructed and how we present ourselves. The status quo will see yet another installment on the new plan. Identify with things that consider one another in compassion, reason and respect. Everyone has a process that is working hard on them. With Pluto in the mix, making that transformation is ever more important than before.

All this week Venus will be moving in retrograde and entering back into Sagittarius. So expect a turn for more light hearted encounters. Don’t expect anything to hold onto, but in our hearts we need to regain that potential for exploration, happiness and opportunity. This mood will prevail through Valentine’s day. My suggestion is connect up with like minded souls in community endeavors and get to know what a person is really made of before committing.  This may seem like common sense but rarely do people actually connect up that way.  This is your chance to re define what works for you, seek him or her out and then see if they are an actual fit. One caveat would be that with the Sagittarius influence you may find people make a lot of noise about doing something and then don’t follow through. Also those with addiction may be trying to leave that behind only to find their very nature sabotages them back down a familiar road.  Just watch out for these sorts and side step them.

My personal strategy will be to work on my inner self while things get stagnant. Like the alchemical reductions done with heat and pressure distilling out the dross. Observing the situation is going to be extremely beneficial right now. Then visualizing something that will be happening.

Friday, January 3rd the Moon will be in Sidereal Capricorn. It will be in a very nice position with working up an action plan, but mostly that plan will have a hard time initiating. If that happens check the motivations for your plan and then adjust. Much will be swinging into a solid groove and if you have not already set that up, you will be waiting for another window of time.

Saturday, January 4th today the Moon will be moving into Sidereal Aquarius and transiting Neptune and Chiron. This will give a boost to those trying to rally a kinder, gentler world that all potential is allowed room to grow. Take note of the agendas for humanitarianism that will take us into the future. This is your time to decide which level you want to be. Are you part of the self centered or the whole that has greater strength?  There will be a healing projection in the works as well. So if it makes things better for most, then that is the aspect to support. The Trines with Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and the Sun/Venus can give a great deal of satisfaction if focused on the right vibe.

Just a heads up, next week will have a string of Grand Squares making working or thinking out of the box hard. So find your niche for the duration and stay as productive as possible under the conditions.

Sunday, January 5th really is a continuation of yesterday.  Many will be benefited by some sort of cultural healing. Perhaps it is simply a good deed that is paid forward. If we have a firm handle of how we fit with the whole then the next few days will go much easier.

Monday, January 6th brings the Moon into Sidereal Pisces. We could find ourselves in some really strange internal dialogue that does not seem to fit yesterday optimism. If you find yourself in a bind, keep your wits about you and reach for something inspirational to read or do. When there is a tendency for self pity, getting out and volunteering can work wonders on your perspective.  Be grateful rather than feeling boxed into a situation.

Tuesday, January 7th today we have some strange situations set us up for immobility. There is no sense struggling with this web of a Grand Square. Again, if you have been able to set a new point of view into action, you will simply find the day one to evaluate your first challenge. This Grand Square is just for the day and tomorrow will show a promise of shifting trends. Again, the positive flow this week is when you can picture a better world with more people living their lives with satisfaction and fairness. Yes we can insist on fairness when it comes to business, work, expectations and respect. Fate has enough to send our way, we can speak up if fairness misses the mark.

Wednesday, January 8th the Moon in Aries will be guiding us to think much more independently. New starts may occur but I think those will be restricted by reality. Also much that needs to be done will lack the right opportunity to move forward. So do the energetic work with planning right now especially with a sensitivity to a common goal rather than a selfish one.

Thursday, January 9th what won’t be working is power struggles in the old paradigm. What will be working is that forward or progressive foundation that works with group participation. Things that heal and mobilize the general welfare will continue to have things click into place. If it is working, then that is the right flow, if it is not working, redirect your energy into something better.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen






Due to a severe case of the flu, this weeks offering will be shorter than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. Friday, December 27 starts off with some factions to be dealt with. The Moon will be in Sidereal Libra bringing some after holiday frenzy into a calmer focus until the 29th. For those who stick with the program success will occur.  The key will be team work as those who have used power plays, unusual tactics and misleading information may be pushed into some hidden recesses.  For those who are awake and aware, bear in mind they have not disappeared, and could crawl out of the wood work at any time.   This is a trend that will continue until the 29th when stability can be felt. But it may be hard to get a handle on it because of those in hidden places trying one last time to take hold of the unstoppable. The Moon will be in Sidereal Scorpio causing that deep desire to transform. If you have been lucky, this will be like a window being opened up for some fresh air because you took the time to clean up your yearly messes. New Years Eve and Day will be a chance to see just what has been happening because the Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius will be aiming arrows at those who don’t get along.  There will also be a strong sense of doing it on your own and setting intentions of more adventure for the next year.  Of course not everyone will be able to do this, but enjoy the sense of camaraderie of like minded souls and set the year off with happiness and hope. Unfortunately, romance doesn’t have much energy this week as she is not really aspecting much until the 2nd when the Moon in Capricorn transits her. Also Venus is in retrograde right now and will be coming back into our subconscious in ways that only Capricorn can offer. I suspect that as she revisits the stellum of Pluto, Mercury and the Sun, that we will find a chance to revitalize our concepts of what makes us comfortable. This reorganization should help us let go of things that do not serve us, or are out of touch with who we have decided to strive to be. Happy New Year and peace and joy. Connie Hansen Astrologer http://www.ranischarts.com