GARTH BROOKS: What on Earth is a “Capricorn?”

By Lynn Bootes

Tulsa has been captivated by the return of Garth Brooks to the stage after a twelve-year “retirement” devoted to child-raising. His show in the BOK Center (which he helped to create) sold out instantly in November and was extended to a total of 7 shows, January 9-18, 2015. If you live in Tulsa, you either have attended, will attend, or know several people who have done so. He is about to surpass Elvis in the number of songs sold, quite a record. So astrologically speaking, what’s with this guy? Garth was born Feb 7, 1962, at 1:07 pm, in Tulsa, according to a verbal report given by him to an astrologer.

His Vedic chart looks like this:Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 10.25.56 AM

You don’t have to be an expert to notice that 7 planets appear all together in one box, the 9th house. The sign here is Capricorn. Yes, it is very unusual to have so many planets in just one sign! He has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node of the Moon, Ketu, all together. Only the Moon in Pisces, the Rising sign of Taurus, and the North Node, Rahu in Cancer, are not in Capricorn. (Note this is in the traditional sidereal zodiac based on where the constellations actually appear in the sky. In popular Sun-sign astrology all these planets are in Aquarius).

Capricorn is strong, serious, hard-working, practical and loyal, and loves to be the executive. One source from his college days playing clubs at OSU in Stillwater said, he might not have been the best musician in the clubs but he was by far the most hard-working. Behind the down-home humble image of the Oklahoman and family man is an extremely astute businessman, and in fact his college degree was in marketing and he recently acquired an MBA from his alma mater.

The sign on the eastern horizon when he was born is Taurus, another down-to-earth practical sign. Like many Taurus rising natives, he has a solid build and great endurance. He gets his musical talent partly from his Moon sign being Pisces, so he can relate to sentiment and he enjoys being able to be the benefactor of those in need. But all those planets in Capricorn dominate: they are in the part of the chart called the 9th house, the house which shows how we relate to the values of our society and our culture. A 9th house dominant person is called to travel, to teach, or to express to others the values he or she believes in. Garth really believes in the down-to-earth values of the Heartland and expresses this in song.

Have you ever wondered what is a Capricorn, anyway? I’ve read a lot of mythology and I can guarantee you, outside of astrology, you have never met a Capricorn! The origin of the 12 zodiac signs is from ancient Mesopotamia – very old indeed. In India the name of this sign is Makara, which means crocodile or sea monster. I have a much easier time visualizing a crocodile swimming the marshes of ancient Mesopotamia, the banks of the Nile, or the swamps of India, and as we know from all those TV shows, crocodiles are even to day a force to be reckoned with – an apex predator which has outlasted the dinosaurs and who knows how many other species, who is patient and strong and determined, protective of their young, admirable but feared. I think the Greeks had trouble thinking of a word to translate the crocodile and ended up with Capricorn. So what animal is Capricorn in Oklahoma? I think the gator! But lets put in a word for the giant catfish and sturgeon which I am told inhabit the deepest pools of the Arkansas River. Next time you go noodling for catfish or visit the Oklahoma Aquarium, pause for a moment to give respect to the Capricorns/Makaras among us!

You can find out your dominant zodiac signs and life purpose with a Vedic birth chart reading at Peace of Mind Bookstore. I will be there Saturday afternoons for the rest of January and all of February from 1-5 pm, and am available by appointment at other times.

Jan 15, 2015


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