Planetary Weather for November


by Lynn Bootes
Our families have such an impact on our lives, for good or ill! For many people who come through the doors of Peace of Mind Bookstore, Aquarian Age Massage, or the Church of Holistic Science, our families have been a benign influence. But sadly, many others have become estranged and found it better to keep a distance from relatives and one of the reasons we come here is for the company of like-minded individuals. Others of us are in transition, grieving the loss of someone or hoping for the appearance of a potential mate or child in our lives.
Your birth chart can show how your family appears from your unique point of view – in fact a skilled astrologer can often “rectify” an uncertain birth time by asking a few questions about the nature of the parents and siblings. For instance, I recently looked at the birth chart of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was President in the Depression and World War II. His birth time was recorded but was not exact – he could have had one of two different rising signs, but based on his biography, I picked Leo rising. In his chart this rising sign foretold a very strong-willed mother and a wealthy benign father, which was certainly the case. In the very same week, I read the chart of a worthy member of the Tulsa community, who described how his parents were well-off, but cold and distant to him, such that the housekeeper actually raised him. This, too, was reflected in his birth chart. Even in the case of siblings, the experience of family life can differ drastically depending on the rising sign and the year of birth: one child might find themselves pushed to achievement in public life, while another in the family learned to care for others.
Even in youth and young adulthood, when we are the most focused upon personal independence, it pays to be aware of the influence of our families. Even if our experience of family was not good, a horoscope reading can be invaluable for helping identify constructive influences and potential dangers coming up in our lives. After all, the Sun, Moon and stars are but manifestations of the divine order of the universe, which we can turn to for help.

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