Faith For Absolute Happiness

perfect timing! thanks for sharing!


‘How do i live my life?’ ‘ How can i live the very best life?’- these are fundamental questions and Buddhism supplies a coherent answer to this question. Shakyamuni Buddha, the Great Teacher Tientai and Nichiren Daishonin each set forth a clear response. In particular the conclusions of Shakyamuni and Daishonin are exactly the same.

Moreover based on this conclusion Nichiren Daishonin left behind a concrete ‘TOOL’ that all people can use to become happy. He bestowed the Gohonzon- which is nothing but a “happiness producing device”

Faith is the engine that enables us to persevere in life to the very end. Our Buddhist practice serves as the propulsive force for piercing through the clouds of suffering like a rocket and powerfully ascending higher and higher, without limit, to fly serenely through the sky of happiness.

When we chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, hope and strength to always live positively…

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