Chinese New Year opens with a big bang, but no news as to what exactly that will actually look like. There are a number of details revolving around sorting out opportunity in the confusion of stalemates. If you are actively looking for what is really best for the future, you will find it. Intent is very important right now. I think the key to all this will also be what is the undercurrent to how people are thinking. Jupiter is trine to Neptune in Aquarius so this is definitely a time to chime in with a dialogue that promotes well being. Stick to what is really said not twists and turns. You have all week to delve into this or maybe many situations that need consideration with a highlight on February 5th.

Romance is starting to be on some people’s minds and this week will give you some movement in the direction you wish to travel. Be aware that the T Square will not be ignored and some things need to be resolved before going forward. This should not be news to anyone. Even then the fun flirty moments will be just that. But it will give some people a chance to realize they are still desirable as they put down what needs to be changed.

Also be aware that Venus has gone direct today January 31st. This means that personal  negotiations are going to show outcomes soon. If you have been waiting for things to get motivated, they will start to show action this week.

To start in with the events of the week here goes:

Friday, January 31st brings the Chinese New Year. I usually like this holiday because of the fireworks, bravado, costumes and food. This time of winter we need to have a sense of excitement. I also love the chance to wear red! The Moon is in Sidereal Aquarius bringing a feel of good will to our fellow man. Although there will be a number of people (related to the squares and opposition that will not be in a congenial mood). This could be a day to chose wisely who you associate. Some people can bum you out in a moment and that would just not be a good way to start out this week.

Saturday, February 1st a lot of the challenges will be eased and we will be faced with continued study and consideration of one larger issue.  This one will not be settled easily or quickly, but some clarity can definitely be defined today. Last week had us pulled in all kinds of directions but today will seem simpler. Do take time to consider the love factor in your life and help to keep an open mind to those related events.

Sunday, February 2nd is Ground Hog day.  Other cultures consider this to be a more significant day in the turn of the calendar wheel. This is the agrarian time of seeing the first bit of milk in breeding animals. It is energetically a very good time to tune or charge your own internal forces. Today will bring a better focus on who you want to be and how to make that a reality. I plan on a longer than usual meditation session. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Pisces bringing some deep psychic charges your way.  Be extra wary of dream cycles, too.

Monday, February 3rd the Moon will conjunct with Uranus today. With the added square to Jupiter, expect things to get really weird. And things can go any which way with little or no warning. Overall, most things will be fine giving additional focus to what things are different. Go with the flow today as much as possible. But be ready to potentially take a stand on that long festering challenge that is in your world.

Tuesday, February 4th be ready for some stalemates on key issues. This is short lived so if you are not involved directly in the process, catch up on cleaning your desk or primping your work area. Be aware that the status quo is destabilized today.

Wednesday, February 5th Romance may be in more spotlights than ever. While there are some chances that perfection will be lacking, you can definitely see that there is love in the air. If you have done your responsible amicable break from what does not work, you will be very happy you are open to what is before you. The Moon is in Sidereal Aries right now bringing possible rogue independence to normally very bonded type of personalities.

Thursday, February 6th is a continuation of yesterday’s personal freedom announcement. There is a second T Square just for the day setting up potentially a work to hide my fears behavior. The future is unknown and unstable and that is exactly what is craved at this time. Why is it we tend to want just the opposite of what is available to utilize? Expect some fall out events over the next few days. Now if you have been conscientious  about this event, know that the impact will be a energetic release and clearing of the vessel to be ready for the next new wave of connections. I might note that if you have been single and available for a while, go easy on who you are trying to set up connections with. They may be going though some major emotional extremes until they get settled. Like the adage says, “hold on loosely…”.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen


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