This week will be one of following your muse or emotional nature.  The Moon will transit some potent orbs in the wheel,  bringing mostly some epiphanies to those working towards spiritual heights. Each day is going to bring a different issue to the forefront so be ready for a bumpy but worthwhile ride.

The big background challenge is going to be the T Square with what needs to change. No need to think it has to be done all this week, this configuration is for a while. This week is going to focus on what is near and dear to our hearts. Venus is closely aspecting Pluto this week. In saying that, remember that Venus is viewed in a few ways. Not only is this orb considered the quintessential embodiment of love and women, there is a masculine side to it as well, such as the Greek polarity of calculated and amicable battle. Also consider the Vedic version of all the things that make life juicy including money, possessions and heartfelt relationships. All of these aspects can be up for review and adjustment this week. This should not be news as this conjunction has been building with the retrograde movement of Venus. Think back to November 15th, If you can remember this time, you will be revisiting the events of that time and now coming to some internal peace with what transpired. This will be destabilizing for many, but in review, there can be a better understanding of the situation.

Probably not a good week to buy something big unless it is broken. Learning to live with what works is better.  Like some early spring cleaning to get in the right groove in the name of Feng Shui and the coming Chinese new year. Which is January 31st. My tradition is to have the house cleaned, trash out, broken things out and/or replaced and to wear something new. So you have all week to go through your house and garage and make sure things are good to go.

Also in a couple of weeks, Mercury will be going retrograde from February 7th through the 28th. Try to schedule important things to be signed or bought before or after these dates. Mercury Retrogrades can mess up some people, so if you are one of those, settle your affairs early or delay until later. More on that in a couple of weeks.

So for the daily’s

Friday, January 24th I like to consider the geometry that may be in force for any given day and today has a rare Kite formation. These usually result in hard work paying off with results. What this means is a Grand Trine in air and a triad with Venus/Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius as the apex. In this case it will be cognitive stability and deeper understanding that will set a new paradigm with how we look at what is our plan for the future. Change on this day is well aspected, so don’t delay in doing what you can in whatever challenge comes your way today. This could be huge! The Moon is in Libra today also, bringing balance or legal justice to the outcomes of this day.

Saturday, January 25th the Moon will move into Sidereal Scorpio and conjunct Saturn.  With the excitement of yesterday, today you may wonder if you could have done it better. Self doubt will creep into your intuitive self.  I really see this as logic trying to sway passion into submission.  Don’t play the game of self doubt and know yesterday was what it had to be.  No matter what, yesterday is gone and today is what we make of it. If you can focus on what is best for the future and your personal healing, you will be on the right track.

Sunday, January 26th the waters of your emotions may feel very murky. If you have a friend or confidant that is an earth sign, especially Capricorn, have a talk with them. From the unsettled aspects of your deeper emotional status, you can find a water lily come into bloom. Things that you can think of,  that equate positive actions,  will be a better focus than what is being left behind. Still, today can go either way depending on how your personal chart locks into this mix of energies today. Consider how your actions will serve you before you just do something ill advised. Cause and effect are a good guide right now.

Monday, January 27th not everyone loves Mondays, but this one will be particularly productive. Focus on your work and let your gut tell you how to speak and what things to do that will produce the most. There will still be much in chaos right now, with people who need to change but chose to stay stagnant. Avoid them and work with those who are ready to get the job done.

Tuesday, January 28th for the next couple of weeks we should start to see a result in some far reaching community efforts. This is just the glimmer of what is to come, so stay tuned and active where you can be of service to ideals that serve you and your neighbor. Thoughts will change or become known, as conversations begin in earnest to elevate the status quo to serve more of those who participate in the workings of life. Also the Moon will firmly move into Sidereal Sagittarius and conjunct that Venus/Pluto . If you had been unclear what this was going to be in your life, you should have a good sense of the situation today. With the oppositions and squares on this powerful point of desires, transformation, opportunities and how weird can it get… buckle up, it could be exciting, scary, and vivifying all in one.

Wednesday, January 29th after yesterday, I don’t expect many of you will feel like doing anything. The dye has been cast and now we need those in power to settle out the dust. You regular folks, like me, should just attend to your personal business as our connection with the next step is in limbo right now. A level of trust that if you have been interactive with what had to be done, then the right pieces will fall into place at the right time. I plan on taking a nap today and do a bit of day dreaming.

Thursday, January 30th today is the second new moon in the month. This one is in Capricorn a stable, but sometimes harsh placement. The Moon is also conjuncting the Sun bringing about a profound change that may not be seen. On a personal level, this is an excellent day to do some personal work releasing hard earned lessons and becoming open to the new potential of tomorrow. This winter has been harsh for many people, not only the weather, but the realities. All lessons are there to help us grow, don’t get caught in the trap of ruminating over losses, disharmonies or uneasiness. We need to be clearing the deck for spring and potential. Remember that Mars approaching the North Node or draconian point is well aspected to opening up to new ideals and ideas. Lessons are learned and adjustments are made creating positive change.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen




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