The events of the last full moon should give you a glimpse of what the power structures are around you. I for one, found the flu finally releasing it’s grip on me and getting into some semblance of normalcy. Gratitude was my energizing mantra and enumerating my blessings will continue. So consider those points you were facing on Wednesday and fine tune them this next week. If it was a challenge, good, focus on why it was and make remedies.

What the general influences of this week will really relate to the bigger plan and how it effects your day to day. The Grand Square is mostly out of connection leaving a T Square focused on how things are run, challenging how we operate as a society.  This is part of a long running experience that will continue for some time yet to come. Expect resistance to change from factions that do not take in consideration the whole picture.

What we are seeing this month is the taking down of old rotten forms. Depending on where you heart and mind are, can make the difference between implosion or exploration. Romance is on the back burner much of this week as well. But remember there needs to be a clearing of your heart to create space for the right one to step in.  Venus is in retrograde right now and approaching Pluto in Sagittarius. So that self exploration is essential for preparing for what is to come next.  Just don’t get stuck in the past, because this conjunction will be crushing. Fortunately the overall influence of Sagittarius is not stubbornness.. but that of inner illumination and broader understanding.

The other set of transits later this week involve the Moon in Virgo then Libra conjunction Mars and the North Node on the 23rd. For many this will open up a way to work on something near and dear to your heart.

Friday, January 17th this is the last day of the Grand Square which has been tying up our ability to act, dream, shake up the status quo and make necessary changes that will be beneficial. The positive indicators say that if you have a solid mental focus you can break the chains that have been holding you back lately. But that metal focus needs to be ready to work hard for results. A very practical side must be part of this action plan. If it is not, you will notice very quickly. With the Moon in Sidereal Cancer, let the flow of synchronicities be your guide as to where you should be headed.

Saturday, January 18th the predominate challenge is one that will last a while. How we focus has been how things were and what things are like right now. The game has changed and the sooner we see it, the quicker the right changes will occur.  I say this because there is an obsessive tendency today to not think about what really is and get nostalgic. While it is wonderful to remember when things seem to make life easier, yesterday’s methods will not work today or probably ever again. Catch yourself and make sure you are seeing things clearly. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Leo and there is a lot of difficulty in seeing the sunny side up today.

Sunday, January 19th the morning is permeated with something ready to gel. By afternoon you will know what you need to do and seek out those who can help get it done. So am I saying a day of teamwork?  Maybe?  But there is plenty of personal power to create your destiny by your own means. With the trine to Venus, this is a great day to connect up with the things that make us all happy. If you are inclined to meeting someone new this is a good day to exchange numbers. But be aware the window of opportunity is today and tomorrow. It will be back to settling out what has not been working in your love life. Prepare for Valentine’s day today and clear the decks in an amicable way.

Monday, January 20th communication will seem a bit more sharp today. Watch out for saying something that you will regret or have a difficult time smoothing over. What the winning combo is to speak about things you will and can do. Our emotional levels are high and in tune. Things that suit the general wellbeing will be the most productive energies to connect up.

Tuesday, January 21st. with the Moon going into Sidereal Virgo today, count on getting to work on what is important. Just be wary that it is not going to be without challenge. Be careful about subterfuge from out of nowhere. Things said are not as important as things implied. Get to the bottom of the true meaning. Much of yesterdays positive energies are still very powerful today. So take care of yourself and those who are important.

Wednesday, January 22nd today brings back the Grand Square, but just for the day. So what you have formed around you will be solid. The big news is the Moon has moved into the orb of Mars creating some very nice intuitive insights as to what the next move should be. This has been building over the last few days so take some time for review of events and pull them all together. There is a continued feeling of a brighter future today.  Enjoy it!

Thursday, January 23rd enjoy this short time of things falling into place. I suspect most of you will encounter a steady stream of fortuitous events that will shape your future. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Libra and is conjuncting the North Node with lots of gentle positive corroborations. Be wary that there may be some strong personalities out there screaming for attention.  Don’t give it to them unless they deserve it.  I also see something of a voice of the people being heard. While we have become war weary of a few special interests groups being dominate, this is a time where the lions will roar loudly. Join in if you can.

As a teaser for next Friday, LOVE,LOVE LOVE… ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen




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