This week will greet us with a Grand Square involving some very slow moving orbs.  The most intense part of this “boxing in” will be when our emotional state and opportunities will meet road blocks. The very core of how we think about ourselves in the group could be a pressure point. After this week, this Grand Square tends to break up with just occasional transits recreating the same issues. This could be a pivotal week in the way things are. The shift may not be really noticed.  I suspect that the elements involved in this “elephant in the room” have been well established from the generational  square of Uranus and Pluto. It is a primary component in blockages, conflicts and hissy fits. The good news is, this is on a larger arena and only the after effects will be noticeably perceived by the average soul.

The tactics of more subversive elements will be frustrated thereby creating tantrums because of the inertia.  People are tired of the same rhetoric and sides are changing. Clearly with the Draconian points being well aspected, especially with Chiron the Wounded Healer and Neptune, general sentiment is changing. Expect focal points to change to work with deeper problems rather than the damage control antics of the past.

With the Stellum activated, a good part of the week, will find leaders for the common good in focus and speaking up. And there will be many listening as to how they can make a difference rather than squirrel away more for themselves. The days of the sheep and Shepard are fleeting. The sheep are learning fast as the Shepard is being recognized as a wolf instead. The trick is that action will be slow and deliberate, as should be with big changes.

Friday, January 10th brings an end of the work week in a tangle. The fortunate person will be able to let that go and focus on how to do things to create a more healthful environment in their lives. Different  needs should be fed than have been in the old dynasty. Our hearts will be more focused on love and the things that nurture our souls.  There will be plenty going on in relation to this for those who are open to the possibilities. The moon is in Sidereal Taurus creating some very luscious indulgences for those who wish to imbibe.

Saturday, January 11th brings more focus on what excitement and intrigue we can express. Those with a wealth of experience will find the old fashion “happening” when they join in with those of like minds. There is no way to gauge where that conversation will go, but be sure that pulling some of the idealism of the past into the future will be at work. Even those who  went to the “dark side” will find the de je  vous enlightening.

Sunday, January 12th Most of today will find the Moon in Rohini a Vedic goddess association with abundance.  For those in mid degree Sidereal Taurus and other earth signs will find some manifesting of desires and just plain fun in what they chose to do. There will also be some movement in areas where you heart or desire nature leads you also. So forget about drudgery because you will lose out on the groovy part of this day.

Monday, January 13th the work day begins with a Grand Trine in Air. The Moon will be in Sidereal Gemini creating some alternative solutions for long standing situations. Also an element of communication, which is always healthy, allows brainstorming that can transform what is done. Just be aware that some who just can’t handle things outside their heads and the way things have always been done will cause problems. Politely ask them to open their mind or open the door for them to leave. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Tuesday, January 14th this day has a set of trines that open up some important opportunities to be discussed for the future. If you have been waiting for the time to be right to move forward with a concept, this is the day to finalize some concepts and set in motion the intellectual aspect of that concept. Unfortunately today will not be a great day for romance or acquiring things. So don’t worry if someone has not tweeted you in the last hour and focus on living your life in an outward way. You can catch up later with some lively exchanges.

Wednesday, January 15th most of today will be similar to yesterday except a fortunate connection with the Moon and Saturn will pose a sincere grasp of what is solid and sustainable. This is also a full moon and be aware that there is a need to constrain your imagination a bit. The energy is high and mostly unworkable so if you can spend the evening reflecting, grounding and healing, you will be miles ahead of those who just go home and bury their troubles.

Thursday, January 16th brings in the Moon in Sidereal Cancer. With the lunar trine to Uranus, if your computer needs attention, do it today.  Also be on the lookout for synchronistic favors and benefits to flow your way.  Especially for those who have astrological associations with water signs. Most individual charts have something in water and that aspect of yourself or that house in your chart could be positively charged with the unusual happenings of the day. Especially when communications about money are concerned.


Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen



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