There will be some rather powerful fixations this week with a shift from one issue to another. The good news is as each shift happens things are resolved and the next piece becomes the focus.  A series of Grand T Squares will move through just about every possible motivation we have and cause a retool or rethink of what needs to be done. Call it an early year course correction, but mostly there will be some strong positive support for those willing to be team players. This is not at time to do it alone. 

There is a strong sense of going your own way right now, when you can’t seem to get things moving on as a group. While this is tempting, there is no support that it will work for you, so just work with the right people. In a practical way, when you can’t get much out of others, then pick another set of “others”. Managers may find it better to redesign teams with some different dynamics. Many will be bogged down in process, overload or flawed systems. If you don’t have to be suffering with them, find a new crew to work with. 

Overall the functioning aspects relate to a kite formation involving how the group works, spirituality, the foundations that need to be reconstructed and how we present ourselves. The status quo will see yet another installment on the new plan. Identify with things that consider one another in compassion, reason and respect. Everyone has a process that is working hard on them. With Pluto in the mix, making that transformation is ever more important than before.

All this week Venus will be moving in retrograde and entering back into Sagittarius. So expect a turn for more light hearted encounters. Don’t expect anything to hold onto, but in our hearts we need to regain that potential for exploration, happiness and opportunity. This mood will prevail through Valentine’s day. My suggestion is connect up with like minded souls in community endeavors and get to know what a person is really made of before committing.  This may seem like common sense but rarely do people actually connect up that way.  This is your chance to re define what works for you, seek him or her out and then see if they are an actual fit. One caveat would be that with the Sagittarius influence you may find people make a lot of noise about doing something and then don’t follow through. Also those with addiction may be trying to leave that behind only to find their very nature sabotages them back down a familiar road.  Just watch out for these sorts and side step them.

My personal strategy will be to work on my inner self while things get stagnant. Like the alchemical reductions done with heat and pressure distilling out the dross. Observing the situation is going to be extremely beneficial right now. Then visualizing something that will be happening.

Friday, January 3rd the Moon will be in Sidereal Capricorn. It will be in a very nice position with working up an action plan, but mostly that plan will have a hard time initiating. If that happens check the motivations for your plan and then adjust. Much will be swinging into a solid groove and if you have not already set that up, you will be waiting for another window of time.

Saturday, January 4th today the Moon will be moving into Sidereal Aquarius and transiting Neptune and Chiron. This will give a boost to those trying to rally a kinder, gentler world that all potential is allowed room to grow. Take note of the agendas for humanitarianism that will take us into the future. This is your time to decide which level you want to be. Are you part of the self centered or the whole that has greater strength?  There will be a healing projection in the works as well. So if it makes things better for most, then that is the aspect to support. The Trines with Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and the Sun/Venus can give a great deal of satisfaction if focused on the right vibe.

Just a heads up, next week will have a string of Grand Squares making working or thinking out of the box hard. So find your niche for the duration and stay as productive as possible under the conditions.

Sunday, January 5th really is a continuation of yesterday.  Many will be benefited by some sort of cultural healing. Perhaps it is simply a good deed that is paid forward. If we have a firm handle of how we fit with the whole then the next few days will go much easier.

Monday, January 6th brings the Moon into Sidereal Pisces. We could find ourselves in some really strange internal dialogue that does not seem to fit yesterday optimism. If you find yourself in a bind, keep your wits about you and reach for something inspirational to read or do. When there is a tendency for self pity, getting out and volunteering can work wonders on your perspective.  Be grateful rather than feeling boxed into a situation.

Tuesday, January 7th today we have some strange situations set us up for immobility. There is no sense struggling with this web of a Grand Square. Again, if you have been able to set a new point of view into action, you will simply find the day one to evaluate your first challenge. This Grand Square is just for the day and tomorrow will show a promise of shifting trends. Again, the positive flow this week is when you can picture a better world with more people living their lives with satisfaction and fairness. Yes we can insist on fairness when it comes to business, work, expectations and respect. Fate has enough to send our way, we can speak up if fairness misses the mark.

Wednesday, January 8th the Moon in Aries will be guiding us to think much more independently. New starts may occur but I think those will be restricted by reality. Also much that needs to be done will lack the right opportunity to move forward. So do the energetic work with planning right now especially with a sensitivity to a common goal rather than a selfish one.

Thursday, January 9th what won’t be working is power struggles in the old paradigm. What will be working is that forward or progressive foundation that works with group participation. Things that heal and mobilize the general welfare will continue to have things click into place. If it is working, then that is the right flow, if it is not working, redirect your energy into something better.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen





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