Due to a severe case of the flu, this weeks offering will be shorter than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. Friday, December 27 starts off with some factions to be dealt with. The Moon will be in Sidereal Libra bringing some after holiday frenzy into a calmer focus until the 29th. For those who stick with the program success will occur.  The key will be team work as those who have used power plays, unusual tactics and misleading information may be pushed into some hidden recesses.  For those who are awake and aware, bear in mind they have not disappeared, and could crawl out of the wood work at any time.   This is a trend that will continue until the 29th when stability can be felt. But it may be hard to get a handle on it because of those in hidden places trying one last time to take hold of the unstoppable. The Moon will be in Sidereal Scorpio causing that deep desire to transform. If you have been lucky, this will be like a window being opened up for some fresh air because you took the time to clean up your yearly messes. New Years Eve and Day will be a chance to see just what has been happening because the Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius will be aiming arrows at those who don’t get along.  There will also be a strong sense of doing it on your own and setting intentions of more adventure for the next year.  Of course not everyone will be able to do this, but enjoy the sense of camaraderie of like minded souls and set the year off with happiness and hope. Unfortunately, romance doesn’t have much energy this week as she is not really aspecting much until the 2nd when the Moon in Capricorn transits her. Also Venus is in retrograde right now and will be coming back into our subconscious in ways that only Capricorn can offer. I suspect that as she revisits the stellum of Pluto, Mercury and the Sun, that we will find a chance to revitalize our concepts of what makes us comfortable. This reorganization should help us let go of things that do not serve us, or are out of touch with who we have decided to strive to be. Happy New Year and peace and joy. Connie Hansen Astrologer http://www.ranischarts.com


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