For the season of the Solstice, Christmas and beginnings and ends to other sacred observances, I wish to extend my gratitude for those of you who have enjoyed and benefited to my astrological offerings. I hope that these offerings have created guidance and clarity to the affairs around you. I know they sometimes bear difficult news, but in that a strategy can be developed to make the most of the times.

This week the watch word is going to be “how does the T Square relate in my life”. If you can distill this you will be well on your way of working within the struggles it may provide. As usual the stars can play games with us by setting up a focal point that is both positive and negative.  Both the T Square and Triad will  relate to deep issues that affect our hearts, minds and souls. This could be a bumpy Christmas season.  The focus of these sets of T Squares will change over the course winter, spring and summer. Be careful of the effects of your actions.

Just to calm the shell shocked,  a big lesson in T Squares is there is relief in cooperative endeavors. No one is immune to difficulty and these times create a fuller understanding of a little help and empathy creating a brighter future. For those who reject this, and there will be some that do, they are the ones in crisis. So this week starts out some of these life lessons that will be touching so many.

So the apex of this T square and the present contributing elements will relate to that screaming need to change how we work or operate, how we connect up empathically and negotiate that driving desire to simply blow off everyone else and go it alone. There is no such thing as going it alone and those who are in tune with that will be vibrating more with the Triad that has the same apex as the T Square. Hopefully that was understood, there are two ways to interface with life right now, one that is pretending immunity to the rights and needs of others and those who see the world with participation.

In our world of romance and desires, there will be a tango this week. One day you will want to possess at all costs, the next day could care less and then a feeling of futility. The best day will be the 24th of December to connect up in a comfortable way without excesses.

The challenge will be to pull something understandable in this weeks’ cosmic gyration, but I will give it a try.

Friday, December 20th brings a tension within the flow of things. The trick will be going that extra mile to get things to totally hook up. The tension, as it will be for a while, is how to we deal with our own internal struggle that means changes that have a higher voice without being to quirky in our actions. The Moon will be in Sidereal Cancer and with that our energies could be focused on the positive side of working towards a better home, inside and outside of our domiciles. The challenge to our emotional state is not to get into arguments relating to ego and insistence of what is held in your own little pot. Some will revert to their chimp like roots and start throwing feces at each other.  On the other hand, maybe that is a necessary part of bringing light into the situation.

Saturday, December 21st with the Moon still in Sidereal Cancer, people will be clearing up misconceptions, but don’t necessarily trust they will do what they say. Romance could be indulgent today also. Be aware that there is a cause and effect with every move we make. Don’t regret a weak moment whether it be indulgence or anger.

Sunday, December 22nd  there are two shifts in the orbs. The Moon goes into Sidereal Leo bringing a more jovial demeanor to everyone. It will be seen in obvious ways as people will be talking and thinking in an upbeat manner. Enjoy this time as much as possible. The Triad I pointed out earlier is set up today. It will continue until  December 28th. Which means that those who can take the vision of what is good for the whole is good for the individual will find the greatest joy.

Monday, December 23rd watch out for obsessive behavior. It will be an underlying element around you. Mostly in spiritual fixations rather than spiritual connections. Don’t get bound to the dogma and focus on the intent instead. Also there may be a fixation of the value of gift when that has nothing to do with the season in any cultural context.

Tuesday, December 24th just for today, as a diversion from the matters at hand, a bit of time with your sweetheart is very important right now.  You may not get another chance to do so for a little bit.  I recommend an evening at home with some fresh popcorn to ease the financial stress and focus on what is really nurturing. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Virgo for the moment and will be creating a harsh aspect with Mars and a stellum. Be extra careful not to get regimented into actions or traditions.  Have patience with those who insist on things being micromanaged of simply chose your own celebration and gravitate towards happiness. Those left behind will know something is up.

Wednesday, December 25th expect an escalation of yesterday as the Moon transits Mars.  It should be an impressive sight outside if you want to catch the night sky tonight. If you need to know where the safe haven is, find people who make you laugh. Let’s try to tip the balance of harshness and happiness this season in the favor of happiness.

Thursday, December 26th what may be palpable is the sense of where your best interests reside. Things that don’t seem to work out are probably not on your priority list anyway. Gravitate towards things that are sustainable and nurturing.

Thank you

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen



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