The first set of influences that seem to just pop out at me this week, is the importance of getting details set up. Create a flow that you want to deal with for the time being. Personally I would suggest, if you can swing it, to take off early for Christmas break. By mid week, a Grand Square will waver on and off which will box you into whatever is already set up. Over the next few weeks there will be lots of really good opportunities and influences despite this Grand Square, which means if you are comfy when it sets up, you will be there for a while.  So planning is crucial at this time. Really I see this as the holidays kicking in a bit early and activities supporting community gatherings. There is still a set of really weird actions that can take place through the week, but if your perspective is that of wonder, adventure and non judgment, this could be rather momentous. I do want to make a note that Saturday has a grand trine in earth and I seriously suspect someone is going to win the lottery… great timing for someone’s Christmas or Yule gift. Expect obsessive focal points to shift around through the week also. Even if you have your act together, others may not… so be fore warned!  Expect everything from sorting out what is expected from you through two many possibilities.  I live with this all the time and have pulled together a personal system of sorting priorities and choosing from the shorter list rather than the expanded version. With this chance that polarities will be at their highest later this week, getting  a handle of core issues will clear up more than just one point at a time. That can be in the big arena as well as your daily life. So on to the dailies as the each will present really rather different set of events. Do try to keep up! Friday, December 13th the Moon will be in Sidereal Aries today and changing into Sidereal Taurus. With the later degree of Aries in play, there is a maturation of  thought and values. While long term projects will be hindered, those that are focused on future benefit for the greater good will be met with a nice flow of synergy. But beware this will not be without compromises happening. There are three sets of oppositions happening that will force recognizing both the shadow and the light in the general way things are done. In general those born with earth prominent in their chart will be doing the most adjustment. Those of air and fire will have an easier time of it and water based charts will have some real intuitive insights. Saturday, December 14th now I rarely buy a lottery ticket, but with today’s Grand Trine in Earth, you becha I will be checking some numbers! Unfortunately for those trying to clinch a deal at work during the day will not benefit. This occurs in the late afternoon and evening. If you are one to write to Santa, I suspect a bit of creative visualization would be in order this evening also. My favorite is to have a camp fire, gather with friends and family, and do a bit of creative work towards a wish, desire etc. This is the time of miracles and perhaps you have one coming up? Sunday, December 15th that Grand Trine in Earth gives out mid morning, so it will better to focus on something else and let things run their course. The Moon will still be in Sidereal Taurus and this could be a really good day to do something with your loved ones or sweetie. There is still a lot that is stressful, but the indications are good that you will be able to slip away for a while and just enjoy the ones you have in your life. Definitely a good time to feel grateful! Monday,  December 16th today the Moon is in late degree Sidereal Taurus and is not communicating well with other orbs. Feelings will be touchy or stubborn throughout the day. Actions will also be rather reactive as well. People will be forcing a compromise between getting their work done and general dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Much will miss the mark. A positive point in the day will be a sense of empathy since so many are in the same stagnant state, signaling group force behind needed changes. Tuesday, December 17th attitudes can have a definite lift today with the Grand Trine in Air.  The Moon is in Sidereal Gemini as it adds to the Grand Trine. Expect some fresh insights to the way things need to move. With all the squares, there will be fringe folks out there trying their best  to push their agendas so try your best to stay with the facts and be focused on what is sustainable. Wednesday, December 18th the next two days, there will be another lesson on gridlock. Fortunately it is not the only energy flow out there. It will seem like there are two separate enterprises happening. Those who are connected to the Grand Trine in Air concerning general luck, the majority consensus and future stability will be favorably illuminated. Those who want to divide and conquer will be trying to force themselves on everyone else. These could be the Grinch’s or Scrooges of the world pulling one more trick out of their Pandora’s box. Be awake and aware and try to keep the real meaning of this season in heart and mind. By the way, call people out on their disagreeable states of mind and hope for the best. Thursday, December 19th not much is going to happen today. There will be an agreement to disagree.  I do expect the dastardly works for attention will range from turds to bombs. I am rooting for the lesser, smelly sort of demonstration. There are very uncomfortable aspects with some heavy undercurrents today. Only things of the higher mind will be worth repeating. Blessings and Peace, Connie Hansen Astrologer


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