Perhaps there will be a bubble around some people this week. There are more positive aspects hovering around than the other kind. This of course is still tied to those who are in tune with what is really the fair thing to do. For some people this is so difficult because they have been taught and honed skills that manipulated the circumstance for themselves.  We have to think outside that box and the sooner you do, the better your sleep patterns will be. Even if there are those who are afraid to tell you what you need to hear, the cosmic law is in force. Opportunities will dry up for those who play games with other people’s heads, love life, possessions and social conscious.

Through the week there will be a good chance that you will feel ill when people are stressing you out.  Especially you water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). Also for those Aquarians out there the stress will be on ethics and priorities that are not met.  Don’t put yourself into a situation where you make chaos any worse than it needs to be.  All through this month, practice routines that let you release the day and get a good night’s sleep. Keep it healthy!  Times like these, I like to get into a meditation mode and write out my disgusts and irritations. When you write out what is bugging you , a trip to the trash can will file that bit of mischief in the right place.

Around the 9th and for a week or so, Uranus will be opposed to Mars. This means that a few curves may be sent into any project in the works.  On the 10th even a psychic sabotage could be adding to the stress level of everyone.  If you are not immediately involved in something, be aware that your co worker may be fuming.  Give them some room and the problem will soon dissipate.

This week things will change so fast that the dailies will be of more use than the trend for the week. So here goes:

Friday, December 6th today there is a 3 out of 4 chance that something really unusually synchronistic will come your way.  Pay attention to intuitions, actions and communications. A few people will get wake up calls today, but they are the ones needing that nudge or bump or blast. We all have a choice as to how we deal with change, sooner is always better than later. For most of you, orders will show up on time and you will make all your traffic lights when you are pressed for time.  For those who do find really big opportunities happening today with communications, you should know that your grove is where it should be. Saturn is the only orb benefiting from Jupiter right now, so count your blessings when your day is non eventful. For those hoping for romance this weekend, allow yourself to participate in the juicier things of life until later this week when that aspect dissolves. Venus is in opposition to Jupiter and you will have to work for every juicy detail in your wish list. But the enery and desire are there which is two out of three. Also, the Moon is in Sidereal Capricorn and focusing on work, practical matters etc will be more productive than normal.

Saturday, December 7th today is going to be harder to get any useable or positive details from others. With Neptune obscured right now, you will only be getting part of the story. Just wait it out until tomorrow.

Sunday, December 8th there is a split in how things will work out.  Mostly mysteries will be revealed, but not through normal communications. Your dreams and intuition will lead you where you need to go. The Moon in Sidereal Aquarius is transiting Neptune and Chiron bringing a whole new understanding to what is really happening, especially on the larger scale  of events. If it makes sense and is sustainable, then you have a correct answer to any question. There could be some reactive people telling each and every one of you to get with their program, but just politely excuse yourself and let them figure it out themselves. Don’t let anyone get away with abuse.

Monday, December 9th starts out with a Grand Trine in Air affecting our gut feelings, opportunities and where is the best way to move into something more workable. This effect is just for today, so keep your thinking caps on and make the best of this time. While this will be more of the ideas and planning energy, be aware this is not the best time to implement anything.  That time will come soon. So don’t waste your physical energy until your new project is more developed. After about January 8th things will have left behind the most unusual vexations.  Mars will be afflicted until  January 23rd. But at least the weird stuff will end by the 8th. I guess what I am saying is this is not a good time to push a project along too quickly. Some more good news is that Venus is in good aspect with Mars through the 16th.  While they both are in earth, this could be a very generous time for lovers and family to connect together. Start giving and the others will start to return. 

Tuesday, December 10th the Moon has moved into Sidereal Pisces and is conjunct to Uranus.  Since this is more stress than anything else, expect anything and everything to happen. There is also a connection with Pluto that is very harsh today and matters relating to the big picture will be felt by most everyone. Fortunately the words and communications will be true so just keep your ears and heart open.  I think this particular time there is a testing of us all. The test is putting things into workable perspective. We need to know what is happening, be able to speak our minds and then let it go.  Definitely not a good time to bury your head in the sand because of the confusion. Maybe it is not that there is a tally master noting how many think this way, and how many that way, it is where are we going with this dialogue and what needs adjusting. I am very much a centrist and maybe more of us need to swing that way.

Wednesday, December 11th   do check your obsessive compulsive tendencies today. The energies are very mixed right now and it is best if you trust your intuition. If you feel like backing away from something, do so. Tomorrow will be another day. As far as romance, this would be the one safe haven for the day.  Get together with that special someone and forget about the outside world for the evening.

Thursday, December 12th starts with a fresh look at things.  The Moon moves into Sidereal Aries and a new sense of purpose and empowerment will be helping things move out of dead lock. Still some strong obsessive tendencies relating to what you are feeling and being offered and what is actually happening. We all want to be at the right place at the right time. There needs to be a bit of trust that something is happening as it should.


Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen




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