There are going to be two key areas being affected this week. With the transit of the Moon sweeping over key aspects this week, expect anything and everything. First of all the good news is when it comes to a future that is based on foundation principles and spiritual truths there will be grace. If you are on the wrong track, expect complications and disappointment. Jupiter is well aspected to Saturn and Mercury most of the week. Conversely, there are harsh aspects to Jupiter relating to mass delusion and material matters.

The other big set of Yods and Squares relates to a power source, either  your boss, local leader or national leader that is trying to be less than genuine. This is looking at the many difficult aspects with Neptune/Chiron and Uranus and the Sun. With all the subversive nattering of conspiracy, far out ideations and just plain power mongering, the fear machine will be in place this week.  My favorite sources of inspiration are the Dali Lama, and now I must add the new Pope Francis. They have the root problem well in view and I think we all need to take stock of where we are in our personal development. The first place for change is within you.

I tend to work archetypically with my associations, and considering the power of the Sun in Sidereal Scorpio right now, the way to make the best of this time is by associating Apollo. With Neptune and Chiron in close aspect and frequently in harsh aspect to the Sun this week, I suggest that illness and infirmity will be an issue this week. Of course, working from the perspective of knowledge, this is a great time to pay close attention to your health and routine. Dreams may be prophetic and/or disruptive depending on the spectrum you are operating at right now. The worst time for illness or nightmares is Monday, December 2nd. In truth these scenarios are just being brought to mind as a cosmic reminder of what needs to transform.  The Moon will be Transiting the Sun in Sidereal Scorpio on the 2nd also which brings mystical and ethereal emanations into our consciousness.

Now for a look at the daily influences on our lives:

Friday, November 29th the Moon in Sidereal Virgo is squaring Venus in Sidereal Sagittarius. There are aspects that show this is a good time to move in for connecting with that someone special, just be sure you are not thinking only below the waist. There are bumpy indications for those who just want a conquest and their victims. Actually all week this will be evident, so be on your most conscious behavior. Also a T Square for just today with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter can cause some big foul ups.  I think I would be very careful what you text, email and post especially if not in a normal state of being. The wrong idea could go viral.

Saturday, November 30th this is a day where progressive ideas will become well received. Again, if intent is based on spiritual influences things will find a niche to connect. People will be able to see through certain agendas and focus on what is more meaningful. Expect a new feeling of light emanating on our prospects creating a day of working things out. The Moon will move into Sidereal Libra and crossing aspects relating to what we need to feel, how that fits into a well balanced life and what we communicate. With two Triads involving apexes of Pluto and Mercury, we can get wind of some really good news that sounds like what will work.

Sunday, December 1st can bring a mix bag of communications. There can be some very shocking news that creates a new understanding. The Moon will conjunct Mercury in Sidereal Scorpio today and expect that things will either sound like the big adjustment has made it into actuality or something crashed and burned that did not want to adjust. Scorpio’s influence today can be far reaching with the news being developed over the next few days. In the world of romance, there can be shifts in who is doing what with whom. If unattached, expect to be watching others in some very interesting shakeups. The general tone is for the best, with the Triad focused on those communications, feelings and how they impact personal stability.

Monday, December 2nd things switch up again as the Moon conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio and sets up a cluster of squares to Neptune and Chiron. Expect an emotional power play that tries to create fear to the masses. Neptune rules some interesting aspects of human kind. There is that veil of protection to the opposite of illusion.  A connection with what mass consciousness perceives and what is actually there. Very slippery stuff when it comes to sorting out facts and agendas. The transformational aspect of the Sun and Moon right now are equally intense. Definitely a dear diary day. Just trust that what is important to transpire will for the ultimate best.

Tuesday, December 3rd consider this a day where emotional triggers will either ease up or will be stifled from action. This gives everyone a break after a bumpy Monday. The other tensions have eased a bit also so the beneficial powers that be are there to work their magic.

Wednesday, December 4th today will be even more smooth sailing for many. More of the squares have dropped out, but there is still friction with a long standing square that is more social than within the realm of the individual. The Moon will go into Sidereal Sagittarius and conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. Pluto has been in a game changer square with Uranus in Pisces. This will go until spring 2016. Today we may see some social reforms come to the limelight again. This is a difficult situation at best and one that most of us have either fallen to a precipice or have gone dark and rogue. Expect some protests, blogging etc that will be screaming to be heard. The evening news should be interesting and scary at the same time. How they can say some of the things happening with a stoic face is a mystery. There is a Triad with Pluto and the Moon as a focal point so I suspect that whatever happens, there will be a flow to it rather than just dumping another chaotic package at our door step.

Thursday, December 5th  today Venus is graced with the movement of the Moon in late degree Sidereal Sagittarius. . Venus has also moved into Capricorn which will have mixed blessings. Venus will be here for the next 30 days or so. For some, this is a time that the settling in and the grounding of relationships can take form. The uneasy aspect of Venus in Capricorn is there is an over pragmatic perspective to her placement here. Questions of “what is in it for me” and “where did you put my socks” echo shades of learning about your love interest and the art of negotiation. If you are lucky and these gifts of cohabitation have already been worked out, there can be a nice feel of familiarity. Just keep it on the high note rather than start to pick and pull things apart.




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