This next week is going to be filled with possible extremes and everything between.  My main daily goal is to moderate the extremes and stay out of the craziness. So I will point out the extremes and you can find the mid ground.  This is going to leave you with just a few focal points and hopefully that will be enough.  Everyone is gearing up like a windup toy to this pre holiday season. The last one we were allowed to explore our hidden selves and explore those potentials and lessons. Now we are supposed to be eating, traveling, buying many gifts (regardless of economics) and deal with family dynamics. While I like the idea of officially celebrating a harvest of hard work and gratitude, there are many people focused on the pressures of giving gifts in another month. There are frustrations, new situations and painful inadequacies. It would help is Christmas marketing did not start until after Thanksgiving instead of August or September.

Astrologically, there is a growing disharmony with Jupiter and several planets. So take note of the few areas or concepts in your life that will meet with resistance and work on them through the winter. In ancient man, this was a time of slowing down for self reflection. This may be a clue to how to really come to an understanding of your next metamorphosis this spring. Fear not, there are aspects with Jupiter that will act like open doors to where you should put your physical energy. So he is telling us what to work on and what to do in no uncertain terms. I will follow these aspects as the days flow.

Yesterday was rather intense, so expect a break today. And that is also how the rest of the winter will be, something tense comes to our attention, then things relax and you have time to process. Just do the processing!

Also the pressing importance of the Triad with Pluto will start waning over this week. So our desire for recognition in whatever venue will be settling down for more relating to those around us. There is a set of oppositions and squares that will bring out the selfish and foolhardy sides of some people, so be aware that hidden agendas are trying to create empires and cults at the rest of society’s expense.

Friday, November 22nd this is a day where ideas, planning and high hopes will flourish. Unfortunately there is nothing in the element of earth until 4 or more days, so don’t expect immediate results to your endeavors. Remember the alchemy of energies, the thought (air), the force to create (fire), the deep feeling of it being formulated (water) and then material results (earth). The Moon is in Sidereal Cancer, a water sign, for the next couple of days which will positively bring the graces of home and companionship into a very pleasant place. The Venus/Pluto conjunction has separated enough now that I suspect many people are starting to take a deep breath from the changes and challenges of the past couple of weeks. Find your center today so when things do start to manifest, you will be ready.

Saturday, November 23rd there is a focus on romance and love right now and just what that is looking like these days. In a positive light, there is a lot of action towards letting that love light shine, but be aware that some people may be trying to narrow down more than one companion, hopefully not to be a player, but to be playful.  We need to rediscover your youthful ideals, and mix that with maturity and wisdom of the ages. Let your heart start to feel light again, without heavy designs on any one person, such as in obsessive or compulsive behavior. There will be excellent opportunities to discover who is right for you.

Sunday, November 24th this is a day that you need to be sure that a false persona is not going into overtime. We have these concepts from youth that are wonderful, but they have no wisdom. There will be either intentional or unintentional projections of who you were the last time you were free. Don’t go there. Take a step back and reorganize before you go forward. Likewise, if someone you are interested in starts to act like they are in early college or high school, ask them to take a step back because you want someone who has learned something over the years. This is a common mistake, and don’t get caught up in the dream. 

Monday, November 25th today the Moon goes into Sidereal Leo creating some conflicts of interest and power struggles. This relates mostly to images, romance, trickery or illusion (either directly or self delusion). Coupled with Jupiter in harsh aspects to those same trigger points, there could be some stormy reactions to those wanting the real deal. Actually I just see this with those who have always refused to grow up. Children could be particularly difficult, that is either big or small ones. For those who are more aware, this behavior will be a signal to step back and be glad you did not just jump into a romantic situation to fast.

Tuesday, November 26th yesterday’s influences will go on for the next few days. The positive rays of Jupiter will be supporting relationships, communications, foundations and mystical revelations for those who are wanting something steady, dependable and nurturing. So if your present timing is off and you are meeting less than desirable companion, do the smart thing and give it a rest. Instead of forcing the search, relax, and visualize that compatible soul and let the some active imagination give you clues as to how you will meet and what you really want. Especially when you have recently seen a lot of what you do not want, fine tuning  should be easy for you.

Wednesday, November 27th the great American holiday is approaching. The Moon has moved into Sidereal Virgo and today she is aspecting Mars.  I suspect that a number of things will be occurring. This will be a busy work day to pull together things so that you can really enjoy tomorrow. Mars is just moving into Virgo so there is your anchor of making things come into being. Your holiday celebration will have some positive bragging to share at the dinner table. Also this can be a day where you look at the bathroom scale and swear that you will be more controlled about portions and that your feast day will not be a sickening feeding frenzy. This will carry on through tomorrow which will be that extra bit of willpower many people need.  On the relationship perspective , I think it will be best if you don’t show up with your latest romance for the family meal. Show your inner strength and resolve to be healing and centering instead. Unless, you are really lucky enough to meet the right person immediately after the last set of break ups. Some people will have made those choices in previous aspects of Venus and are actually getting with who they should be.  Just be careful because it is easy to be in denial and fear of facing questions around family.

Thursday, November 28th this day will be very similar to yesterday except of a T Square. This could bring the unexpected rerun of something you anticipated as done. It is short lived, just for today, but the focus will still be on this ability to make a break from a dysfunctional past into a expansive future. There is an emotional response to criticism or questions and please note that surprise is the element of today. Be wary of a cold or clinical response to something emotional. This will not serve you well. Also there are going to be some people who would rather be at work than with family eating a meal.  Some old dynamics may surface and make the vulnerable very uncomfortable.

My Vedic connection (Astroved) had some very valuable insights for this day. Not only is this a good day for gratefulness and expanding joys, there is a time now to do something more alchemical.  If you can focus on productive actions and thoughts, then the way for more creativity will be available. Also for those who change from laziness and procrastination will meet success in pushing away negative aspects or people that have been restricting your divine journey. There is also a circuit, as explained in the forecasts for the last couple of days, of facing off those who embody evil, even in a subtle way. When we are living a responsible life with a wide spectrum of principles, we have a responsibility to call out those who want to play a game to hold back others. This can be anything from lies, false ideologies for control and power to bullying. If we want a world with freedom and justice, we have to take those small steps in our surroundings to make sure we act responsibly and call out abuse. Those who are the oppressors will get a wakeup call when this happens and allow them to move into more awake and sacred being. We are in a time where we need to keep that long term memory of the facts, subversions and manipulations. Otherwise we will be victims again with no one but ourselves to blame.


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