While romance is not particularly in the air, personal relationships will definitely be foremost in our lives. Also things to do with our possessions will need to be reconsidered. Venus is in exact conjunction with Pluto today and the fall out of this Friday will be managed, understood or otherwise dealt with in our waking hours. Be mindful of other’s inattention as those who are struggling with changes this week will be distracted.

Look again for continued luck towards the things that create stability. Jupiter is in Trine to the Stellum and all those players will have a variety of ways to chose our next set of goals.  Do watch out for a bump in the road toward the end of next week.  An opposition will cause a standoff or a face off to what has to change. Good luck for those in inner struggles and outer conflicts. The ultimate intent is everything at this time, so be on your best behavior and mind set.

Another week long set of influences relates to our thinking and the mass consciousness. While there is a spot in the week where illusion is likely, most of the week should provide those with strong intuitive natures to focus on what are truly the important points. For those who are not in tune, there is strong evidence that even logic will serve you well.

The lunar influences will move from initiation of new personal agendas, to stubbornly holding on to a perspective to the mutable fluidity of seeing the whole picture all at once and trying to not be confused by what is happening. For those who need order and cohesion, this could be a challenging week.

There isn’t much in the way of geometry going on, most of this week so most points will be uncomplicated and directly related to what is happening; Until the end of the week when a Grand Trine in Air appears for a couple of days.  This will get the ideas flowing, but the restrictions, oppositions and challenges will be very evident. The easier part of this is there isn’t a chain reaction when something is set in motion, that is as long as you are making the changes you need instead of holding on to the uncomfortable past, because it is all you know and fear of the future stifles you.

Friday, November 15th a few things are happening today as part of the flow of things. Venus is in exact conjunction with Pluto. While activity with Pluto is always transformative, this is a day where the destiny of the Pluto/Uranus square becomes part of the reality of things related to love, life, fortune and prosperity. If you have been thinking of a break up, so let it be if it is not just a passing fancy. Taking some advice from your friends or even social/psychological expertise, will steer you in the right direction. If you are victim or perpetrator of erratic behavior, be aware that it is not  helping anything especially yourself. The Moon is in Sidereal Aries creating a strong push for doing it your way or having a battle royal to see who is to win. Words will be exchanged in those instances. Also dominance and submissiveness will be clearly demonstrated. Watch out for passive aggressive behavior if in denial.

Saturday, November 16th if yesterday was played with integrity, you will feel another kind of Moon in Sidereal Aries, but this time a victory will be felt.  This does not mean that there wasn’t some disruption of status quo. Some people will move out, leave, or otherwise change their destiny and location. There are two Trines with this lunar aspect that create a right action and change.  Perhaps those who could separate with honest expression and without collateral damage, they will still have their integrity in place. Something that is very important today. Also, there is a zig-zag effect of those who are working in this “light” will see a synchronistic flow towards their next phase. Perspective is everything and those who can consider the whole picture will be better off than those who can only see selfish needs. In other aspects thinking outside of the box is the best way to deal with what confrontations are evident.

Sunday, November 17th this time the Moon has eased into Sidereal Taurus and every consternation possible will be effecting the immovable. Even normally congenial people will be a bit tired of the compromise and grand standing. So perhaps this is a day to do your centering meditation and be outside in the natural world for a re-set.

Monday, November 18th as this Monday rolls out, be aware of a strong tendency for obsessive behavior. If someone is working on an emotional level only, they will want to ruminate over a past situation, do something shocking that effects their future or lash out at any relationship problems that have been in the high light. Everything will come back up for review and questioning. This is good because there may be some angles you need to apologize or restructure. The help is there for living to your fullest, but you are also part of a whole and that has to be considered as well.

Tuesday, November 19th will be a rehash of yesterday without the obsessive complexes. There is still a big struggle to adjust to the redefinition of the status quo. If you are focused on what is best for all and yourself, then you have made the right decisions. A Triad re appears for a short while with Venus and Pluto to create the bittersweet success of this week’s changes. There will still be a pressure, or compulsion about making a “safe” future. In other words, being in the right place will feel safe, conversely for those in the wrong place, it will not feel safe. It is so hard when the transformational qualities of lovely Venus is so harshly aspected with Pluto.  But there is a time for everything and since she moves so quickly, this will pass soon.

Wednesday, November 20th today the Moon goes into mutable Sidereal Gemini.  Also a Grand Trine in air connects up with the Venus/Pluto conjunction. This tells me that those who have weathered the storm will see the next doorway open up to the next venue.  The past will quickly become just that and the future will start to look much better.  The storm, for the moment, is passing. I hope many of those in the throws of transformation will start to see their first rainbow. This doesn’t mean that conflict will lift, but you will see that if you are in the right direction, the ugliness of what you left and the rest will feel much better. This time is not only good for departures, but is it very productive to reach out and reconnect with missed opportunities. Those are clearly well indicated in today and tomorrow’s aspects.

Thursday, November 21st will look very much like yesterday.  But this will be the last day before the dust settles. Tomorrow will be much easier. So wake up today and face what you need to do, consider the possibilities of variables and pull together your perspective and how things will work out for you and those that associate with you. There is a congenial aspect to things today also, as long as you have faced your challenges. Sometimes in life the test is simply to face things, and the rest takes care of itself.

Connie R. Hansen





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