This is going to be a week to keep your mind in full focus.  Consider all the details because all information that is presented will be necessary for your next step.  As the Zen Masters say, “attention” you may be using that information in the next few minutes. Things that happened last summer will be revisited this week as the Trine elements in air will be in full force this week. Also Jupiter, although it is in retrograde at the moment, will make it possible to utilize something from the summer.

Romance, will be tested this week. As Venus approaches Pluto, she will cause some friction for those who need to work on their relationship or find a civilized way to exit. Unfortunately those involved and observant will have some very strange or unique suggestions that really won’t help matters much. So the watch word is take the higher ground in your actions rather than aim for subtle jabs that will wound. Those wounds may not heal and you will be paying a price for your careless expressions. So for those who think staging a fake death to get out of alimony will be a good plan (I say this because Pluto the planet of transformation can be very harsh)…. Think again… strange will be tempting but will be way worse than the normal polite ways to make a change.

On Sunday, the opposition with the Mars will be dissolved and hopefully the veil will be lifted revealing a humane and civil way to deal with group problems. The pressure has been on to poke and jab at well meaning plans. The ones that were strong enough will be left standing.  Hopefully those observers have noted the culprits of the lies and fabrications. The smoke will be cleared and we can all see the situation from a better perspective. This will also leave an unobstructed resonation between the stellum and Neptune/Chiron. What that means is, “if it has not been working, you will see why”, and be able to move forward. If you can’t change, things will only get more uncomfortable. Growth is as hard as you want to make it. I prefer to listen to the old man Saturn and ask how can I grow rather than have a fight to change that is being instigated.

Friday, November 8 the Moon will be moving into Sidereal Capricorn. As you leave work today, there will be details you wanted to complete but the day was just not long enough.  Give yourself permission to make notes and leave yourself an email for Monday.  Things will wait and the wait may prove beneficial because there are more things in play over the weekend to be considered. Also, your mind will be wandering towards things relating to your personal life that need attention. Venus will be making it’s approach to Pluto this weekend and take time to pay attention to the sub current that is playing out. This will be your time to stay part of the process rather than being left with an ultimatum which is one sided. 

Saturday, November 9th will see the Moon moving into a square with the Stellum.  You will know what aspect of your life needs to find new footing. This is going to be a kind of shock and awe day, so wake up refreshed because you will need all that energy to deal with the rapids ahead of you.  This is not necessarily all negative, as there are some consistent positive forces at play. Just be aware that your doorway is open today in a way that will get your attention.

Sunday, November 10th the Moon moves into Sidereal Aquarius today, creating some really insightful situations. The veil has been lifted to reveal the undercurrent.  Also those little lies will make their way into the most inopportune ears, so keep it real. There is a transit of the Moon over the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Sidereal Aquarius which will definitely cause people to re think their values.  Sometimes values and ethics get pulled into the opinions of bloggers, radio hosts or even the news.  We need to take a moment and remember what it would be like to live our own opinion. We are all capable of thinking for ourselves and owning what we do and stand for. There is forgiveness if you have strayed from the path.

Monday, November 11th there will be a tendency to do something hastily when it comes to what is needed to heal over the weekend events. Don’t take any shortcuts by imbibing away the pain.  Numbness is a default mode, but you will not be benefited by it.  Sometimes when you put on a strong face when your world has just been shaken creates a wrong impression internally and externally. The Aquarius tendency will be to have a practical sympathy for the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.  Any other reaction could be considered sociopathic. Also take the time to review and refine your notes to yourself from Friday.  That will get you through the day.

Tuesday, November 12th this will be a day that a Grand Trine in Air will get our thoughts and vibes in order. Do steer away from that emotional response that cries for attention in the wrong way.  Such as you really want to work things out, but say that you don’t really need anyone especially the other side of your dilemma. Also giving into nihilism is not how to have a healthy outlet to deep emotional pain. In general this is going to be a strong day to get your head around the new view in your life. Hopefully it will be just the next baby step to a happier life.

Wednesday, November 13th the Moon will be well into Sidereal Pisces and transiting Uranus, that old planet of surprises. While intense revelations could be the subject of many conversations today, the real trick will be staying out of the way of domestic disputes and personality clashes over possible crumbling empires. I would suggest that you stay in your cubical, eat a sack lunch and go straight home for a full round of home cooking and fun TV. Actually this strategy may be good until the 17th because not everyone is going to handle their fate in a positive way. You want to stay out of the line of fire.

Thursday, November 14th today will be continuation of the surprises of yesterday. I would like to say that these surprises will be beneficial as the Triads have shifted to include Jupiter and Mars for a while. That could mean that those who are doing the “good work” will see some luck come their way. There can be some instability in those “lucky breaks” so make sure they don’t turn to big negatives when you accept the opportunities. This is relatively short lived so take note of the opportunities of today.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen


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