Cosmic Waves November 1st-7th


Looking ahead on this week a scenario is going to be very important to follow. That is Jupiter, the giver of gifts and opportunities, will be aspecting a stellum in Sidereal Libra over several weeks. The Stellum will provide a series of connections to actuate what is coming your way especially for those aspects related to air signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius).  In everyone’s chart, there are several planets and signs making up the personality. So besides sun signs, you could have another aspect of your life effected this week. One exception to this is fire signs will see some benefit such as Aries and Leo’s. If you are heavily aspected with Sagittarius, you could find things forcing a change in your life. Choose wisely because polarity is misleading.  For others this will be a non event.

This week the stellum will see the Moon cross over it accentuating every planet, star and point in it. This means that some big changes, rewards or culmination of work that is consistent with divine connection.  Remember the dual triads are in action creating “as above, so below” concept in action. This will be the breakthrough to whatever you have been focused on with your efforts, planning, inner workings for the future and stability will meet results this week.  More is to come over the next several weeks as Jupiter will continue to stay in aspect with Saturn. There is plenty of time for you to guide yourself through the maze of opportunities until you have exactly what is meant to be.

Another comment about this Stellum in Libra is that when you have powerful conjunctions there can be a confusion of who is in control. The Sun, Saturn, Mercury and the North Node or Rahu are tightly together. In quick terms, that means that the power of persuasion and personality is trying to work with lessons to learn and foundations. Then thoughts are looking inward and the future is ever pressing on the horizon. The Moon will cross these creating a visceral reaction to what is there. At this time Saturn is the strongest so lessons to be learned, reviewed or finalized will take forefront.

Through this week be aware that there is still trickery afoot with how things are presented. Consider it a veil of illusion over motivations of other’s actions against the common sentiment. There is lots of illumination to see through these power plays. Continue to be critical thinkers in all avenues of your life. Check your facts!

This is not going to be a good week for romance or acquiring things.  That is OK as you will be busy with much more this next week. Do consider your relationships and stay in touch with those which are important.  Do some discovery work… and get to know who you are with or getting to know. If you have a habit of taking relationships for granted, you will be called out on your neglect.

Friday, November 1st the Moon is in Sidereal Virgo today which normally has stabilizing qualities, but today everything will be working against the facts. This is a time to pull from those activated psychic capabilities and navigate. There could well be some weird news that is taken out of context.  Consider the source and wait until tomorrow to sign paper work.

Saturday, November 2nd in contrast to yesterday, your intuition will be right on target, and the synchronicities you waited for to guide you to your next move, will be on target. The Moon has moved to Sidereal Libra and is aspecting the crest of the Stellum. Today the ideas and thoughts of the future will be highlighted.  Most of the information will be from within as to how to handle the news you get. The ball is in your court today.

Sunday, November 3rd you should be seeing how the current events are going to shape up in a stable arrangement. You will also be able to put just the right amount of work or energy into your manifesting desires. Just watch out for the half truths out there. Actually there is little resistance to what you have chosen. The trick will be if you do find resistance, quickly adjust your direction and see how that works out. We are used to forcing our way into fruition, but this is not the way to go today.  If it flows, then go! If it doesn’t, then stop, and redirect.

Monday, November 4th the Moon goes into Sidereal Scorpio and has cleared the Stellum. It is squaring Neptune/Chiron (mass consciousness and healing). What this could mean is some turning point in evolution will take place. A lie will be uncovered. Some illusion will dig deeper into deception. The squaring causes negative consequence unless you are awake and aware of the facts.  Then a possible battle of wills could emerge.  Check your facts before any confrontation. Anyone could have it partially wrong and partially right.

Tuesday, November 5th today will be a continuation of yesterday with the Moon in Sidereal Scorpio in a T-Square configuration with Neptune/Chiron and Mars. Today may be much more open in confrontation than yesterday. The good news is the Stellum and Neptune/Chiron is also well aspected towards positive change and understanding. Keep your center in all discussions. We are all feeling our way through the present maze.

Wednesday, November 6th the Moon goes into Sidereal Sagittarius and conjuncts Venus. Be careful that you don’t give up to soon on a relationship just because territory lines maybe crossed.  There will be a tendency to abandonment, which will only make things worse. The last few days in lunar Scorpio could have people remembering the past and indulging in possessiveness that is premature. If you are afraid of losing someone, hold on lightly and they will come back or be there when an opportunity arises. Remember this could be a burst of dreams fulfilled this week when it comes to the nuts and bolts of life.  They may be on a roll… they will roll back if you don’t strangle the situation.

Thursday, November 7th this is an interesting time in the ancient calendar. This is the time of actual transition from one time of year to the next.  The Sun is at 15* Scorpio in the tropical calculations. The actual Sidereal 15* Scorpio is December 1st.  I mention this in hope you will notice just how the progression of the equinoxes has affected modern astrology. As for the geometry of the day, a quasi star is in formation. Certainly this is a good time for remembering the past, creating closure to deeds done or completed. Then allow new plans and goals to be projected into the future.  Rarely could we handle everything at once that is necessary for a goal. So breaking things down to manageable segments creates opportunity to craft things that truly suit us. In other words, you get a feel for an ideal, then a chance to adjust things that are not fitting. The journey is as important as the destination. Also in harmony with the changes in seasons, this is a time to take on a new study, continue a new aspect of an old study, etc to create more of a knowledge base for spring and initiating your next plan of action.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie R. Hansen



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  1. Hi Connie,

    Thanks for writing this blog. It has really helped me today. I am an Aquarian who is following my dream and sometimes it seems like I am not moving forward with things. Looking at your blog, and judging by some things that have happened today, in the contrary, things are moving forward as they are meant to.



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