There are some amazing things happening this week depending on your perspective of self interest or relationships to outside your immediate sphere. First of all, I missed a Mercury retrograde that started last week on the 20th. This is where if you are not beleaguered, volunteer to help out those who are… it will be good for business. For those who don’t know what this entails, things that have to do with technology and communication can have some breakdowns. Too bad for the launch of the government site that has had so many glitches.  With Mars and Neptune /Chiron in opposition, I suspect that the problems are not just programmer error,  but some sabotage as well. None the less, frustrating for everyone involved. On October 29th we may hear of some funny business with the programming as there is a lunar highlight of that opposition. Life just keeps getting more and more interesting! On a daily application, do backups and double check reservations, etc. as there can be problems on either side. This Mercury retrograde will continue until November 11th when a “station” or stillness occurs and then things will resume to what they have evolved into.

Another set of double triads are in formation and will be until November 11th.  These give some protective and productive connections for issues related to how things are done, the shape of security and foundation for the future, and a transition that creates a better sense of how we fit with the whole. Maybe to highlight an understanding that the mystics have pronounced for years is that what we do to others is also doing that very thing to ourselves. All this connection between the elemental energies that are affected by our actions and opinions will affect us in some way because the “grid” is affected.  All the more reason to take the lesson of our present aspects of Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius (in this grouping of triads)  to let go of what is repressive and connect up with what is life affirming.

The elephant in the room right now is the interaction of Neptune/Chiron in Sidereal Aquarius  opposing Mars in Sidereal Leo. This is the energy of trickery, illusion and illness. We are forced into critical thinking.  To think for ourselves without the propaganda and compare what is actually happening around us and what we are expected to believe. There are big agendas out there doing their best to subvert popular opinion. I am reminded of the words of Pope Frances last week that made us think of what our basis of spirituality evokes. Is it dogma and drama or is it love, peace, charity and forgiveness?

*please note the historical impressions of this time of year at the end of the daily posts.

Friday, October 25th I suspect that even with what controversy the week has provided, it will not be on anyone’s mind.  People in general will be thinking of the status of their intimate relationships. (The Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Sidereal Gemini by mid morning  through the early evening.) Pay close attention to big fantasies at lunch time and the early afternoon. Venus in Sidereal Scorpio is in an obsessive connection to the Moon and Jupiter so expect things to get way out of proportion! Also expect the situation to bounce from one polar opposite to another… all in the tradition of the mutable Gemini influence.

Saturday, October 26th I suspect that the general feelings will be hard to focus on what a safe and comfortable home life should be. (Moon in Sidereal Cancer) And expect it to be the subject of a lot of conversations! If not in open conversation, it will be in your own head or heart, definitely a time not to fall into mystery or falsity. Keep honesty as the focused perspective throughout the day… gratitude is huge at this time. That positive perspective is supported by other things going on and please feed that energy.

Sunday, October 27th again the Moon will still be in Sidereal Cancer and unfortunately will be squaring the stellum in Libra. I don’t imagine much harmony happening today, so I want to suggest that if someone in the household is having tantrums, that you excuse yourself from the situation in an acceptable way. What this does is keeps the upset to a minimum, you know, just the person having the problem is left to work out that others don’t want to be around that sort of behavior.  We are social creatures after all and this will get your message across. Sociopaths and psychopaths won’t get it, and those who are operating well, should take notice of who those people are.  Also it will mean you are not dragged into the mire of another’s problem behavior. That means fewer people upset that day.

Monday, October 28th Sunday we saw the start of a breakdown, and today our feelings towards that or the feelings of those effected will be highlighted in the most unusual ways. These are ways that need to change (as a triangle with Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius, the Moon in Sidereal Leo and Uranus in Sidereal Pisces) because they are making a crisis. Watch out for things that come out of left field or that have nothing to do with the problem. Perhaps it is good at this point to talk about what the “real” issue is, not the superficial one. But only after the difficulty or difficult one has had yesterday to try and work it out themselves.

Tuesday, October 29th. Not that I look for squaring off at problems, but I love to afterwards bask in the ease of situation stabilizing. So I take courage, my wits and face things off with reason, love, compassion and savvy. Today will see the Moon and Mars in Sidereal Leo in opposition to Neptune/Chiron in Sidereal Aquarius. Alchemically this is fire, water and air in a tense opposition. So you have big, aggressive and emotional showdown with a fantasy someone has tried to impress on others and themselves in the name of power. This could still have a strange twist of “shock and awe” flair to the situation. After today, the big indicators will tend to show a lot of what has been happening and the truth will be able to surface. For those in caregiver situations, check in on vulnerable people as depression can also be an indication of these same symptoms.

Wednesday, October 30th after yesterday, this will not be a good day for romance or acquiring things. I suspect yesterday’s fireworks are more in the realm of the microcosm and processing things is totally in order.  Just remember that Mercury is retrograde and protect your intellectual assets. The tension that permeates the air will decrease today if we ritually or spiritually let go of what we cannot change.  This is a good day to be in meditation about the future and who you want to be in that future. Finding your center will be important today.

Thursday, October 31st  all Hallows eve could not come on a better cosmic imprint.  Weirdness is everywhere and will be for a few days. I suspect that it would be good for everyone’s soul to take a walk on the other side of things. Expect weird humor, great costumes and parties to take our minds off the weeks comings and goings. This is a time to reset our minds with some fun! This will be easier with the Moon going into stabilizing Sidereal Virgo.  


Having grown up in a different cultural perspective in the Southwest, New Mexico, I think of this time a bit differently than most of my local friends.  Growing up, I had no fears of strangers. In later life I returned to Northern New Mexico and through historical research for my job I came across many interesting folk stories about this time.  That area was more of the colonial spirit. Stories of La Llorna and witches were fascinating stories that shaped the lives of these people.

In the South, the Dia de los Muertos was a huge value in re connecting with lost loved ones. To this day, I celebrate Dia de los Muertos to honor my loved ones that have passed. On November 1st there is the celebration of the lives of the children that have been lost and November 2nd for the adults that have died. I am sure, depending on how a person lived their life, this late hour of drinking and eating turned into more of a “roast with humor” than some solemn  event.

One interesting story of witches in the Northern part of the state gave a hint as to why they were not necessarily removed from society. The original story was more detailed, but this generally gets the message across as to how old the fascination with the different sides of life. In the end, something is learned, and understanding  and growth occurred.  The witches of this area  did perform healing for many in all manner of ways, such as for illness to talismans for gambling or love potions. Life was rough and tumble in those early times and no one waited to old age to gain what they needed to enjoy now. One story in particular is how an old widow hag had many men come to her home outside of town.  Sometimes there was a stopover for a night’s lodging or food and drink, but mostly it was for gambling.  Now the witch did not gamble herself, she sold food, drink and no questions to those who gathered. There was no real law but she had containment of what happened in her place. This was a far distance from the church in town with was the only form of control in this area.

She was addressed as Tia, auntie, and really had no enemies that would truly confront her. Her aged appearance gave a sense of comfort and knowledge that some fun would occur with wagers of strangers and locals alike. This inn of hospitality was open every day except this time of year.  All outsiders were warned to stay away. Of course, there is always someone who is so curious that they have to find out “why” or if the devil really will show up.

So the story goes, this fellow hung out in the arroyo and found that the old hag took in many outsiders who arrived without carriage or horse. The outside patio was lighted with an eerie glow and inhabited with many dancing celebrants of this “Sabbath”. There was a circle around a seated altar.  Risking exposure, this fellow waited until close to midnight on that full moon night so that the celebrants were intoxicated enough not to notice him.  At the altar and chair was  “Tia” appearing as a beautiful woman directing the festivities. Not daring to remain later than midnight which surely meant the devil would quickly to appear, the voyeur retreated into the bushes, calmed his nerves and fell asleep. The next morning, all the celebrants had left and the old woman was again, an old hag and cleaning up like any gambling night.

So, what does this story tell us about witches of those colonial days? There is a lot to read into this story!


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