Cosmic Waves Oct 18th-24th


Intense times are to be expected this week, but there are more favorable aspects to consider.  The difficult aspects will potentially take up most of the mass consciousness, but this may be one of those weeks we learn to consider gratefulness. Shifting towards true spiritual connections and asking questions like:  “who am I, what am I, and where am I” will be of greater benefit.

Because of an opposition with Neptune/Chiron in Sidereal Aquarius and Mars in Sidereal Leo we will be feeling a lot of anger that will keep healing to a minimum.  I suggest the alchemy of this time is to go within and adjust your will in this waning moon period. By opening up to what is collectively beneficial will have the greatest changes. Staying in frustration is a poor option. This configuration will continue until October 30th when it will lighten up considerably. With the moon in a waning mode, this is perfect to do that meditation practice you have been wanting to establish. Some breakthroughs may be evident on Thursday the 24th.

Under this seeming impasse, there are some very beneficial movements going on. The Triad moving us into a change of heart and mind for the future will be going strong. Perhaps stronger than the other influences, should we chose a holistic point of view. And if we can put our thoughts and attention on these energies, progress will occur. For one thing, this weekend will provide continued opportunities for romance and comfortable connections. After Tuesday, this will shift into another focus. So if you are working on a partner, mate or good friends, this is the time to be ready to have impromptu conversations. Life has a balancing of inner world and outer world.  This is time to focus on the inner world.

Communication will also be loud and going into every avenue. Your voice is important too, so do speak your mind when it is appropriate. There may be some speaking without authority, so be aware of some bragging or white lies. Fact check everything. All in all when people are expressive, especially when they have had a chance to do some self reflection, a lot can happen in a positive way.

Friday, October 18th With the full moon on Friday in Sidereal Pisces, a standstill with our emotional nature and the powers that be will be overwhelming. This is a temporary ”lock in” for right now, and will pass within the day. Also with a partial eclipse this day a threshold can be activated if we are open to it. The “initiation” is through our individual and collective will rather than power plays from the outside. I hesitate to use this as an example, but consider quantum mechanics where on a molecular level where are all connected. Spiritually we are all connected to the greater powers that be, too. Those power plays of the mundane world of ego, leadership and the hidden agendas will have to rely on outside help to move forward that day. Today is a  great day to connect with your spiritual source and find that place where you operate from love and compassion.

Saturday, October 19th from just after midnight until early evening a Grand Trine in Fire is occurring. Take note of your dreams if they give you some hints of actions you need to facilitate. Just make sure they are not grandiose. The Moon will be in Sidereal Aries accentuating the Fire signs that are really movers and shakers in our world. All the variability’s of action connect up in a productive way. If you have any fire in your chart, this will be a time where you are more persuasive than any other time. You will have the go power to promote your perspective. Maybe it will be a great day cleaning up the yard, maybe you will do that fall cleaning. Make use of this energy if you have anything in a Sagittarius, Leo or Aries. Just bear in mind that your actions need to be considering long term benefits, not just for the moment. That might be the hard part of this Grand Trine.

Also on Saturday, there is a double set of Triads focusing on the changes that are offered from above relating to  mass consciousness needs to heal and adjust. It will be connected with the Grand Trine so expect the veils to be lifted on what is behind the scenes.

Sunday, October 20th there is an easing of the harsher elements at play but a stiff competition of what is illusion, subversive and exclusionary to the balance that is needed right now. The Moon in Sidereal Aries will oppose the stellum in Libra which can cause inaction.  Perhaps it would be a better day to just center for the next week. There is a lot to be said for simply feeling a point of quiet and peace when everything is flying into total chaos around you. Those detangled elements need to congeal around something else, why not peace and appreciation?

Monday, October 21st this is a day to step away from the stubborn and unyielding personas. They are going nowhere and you don’t need to get dragged down with them. Total inertia can occur if too many people play that game. Don’t take up sides as they are most likely on the wrong assumptions to begin with. The Moon will be in Sidereal Taurus and the focal point of a T Square. Do back up work or study during this time if you are not involved with power plays. It is better to come from a perspective of knowledge rather than hearsay.

Tuesday, October 22nd this could be a tricky day for things of pleasure. The Moon is in Sidereal Taurus opposing Venus in Sidereal Scorpio.  She is not going to like being pushed into uncomfortable situations. So things that relate to real estate, new or old intimate relationships will be very touchy. If you have been cooking up something that has gotten hot, put on some oven mitts before you take it out of the fire!

Wednesday, October 23rd is a day where things just might ease up. Things you have been working on have a good chance of coming together if they are really part of the cosmic grand plan. If you are still off in self serving mode, others in the grove will be moving right along and pass you by. By noon, local time, the Moon will go into Sidereal Gemini.  So check your feelings as they can swing from one extreme to the next. Polarity is good when you need to work “outside of the box” but not if you need to make a plan and go with it. A very good day to brainstorm with workmates or personal connections.

Thursday, October 24th this is a day that could be quite memorable if you are in sync with practical matters. You will know that your plan is to unconventional or shocking if you seem left out of the loop while everyone else is getting along well. We need each other not the other way around. Cheer up if you are not connecting as you now know it is you and that gives you all the power in the world to make it better. Changing others is what is hard to do.

Blessings and Peace,

Connie Hansen or 918-893-6780




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