Cosmic Waves Oct 11-17

This week will start out with a sense of a roller coaster that has created a trill decent to be followed by the potential for a steady incline. Since I tend to look at things a bit more optimistically than most, I will share my thoughts. The geometry that has created steady pressure on the powers that be, will break up on Friday the 11th, temporarily re configure in a potential standoff of power and then release into a steady incline to better energies. I can feel the little bunny feet of anticipation thumping all week long with the variety of activities this week has to offer. I think the trick here for most people is to recognize the ideals vs. the practicality of life and focus on what is basically more humanitarian agendas. I could call this week start as a circle of chaos. Metaphysically, chaos can very much be a good thing if this juggling and set of disconnects form a creatively re ordered outlook into something beneficial and workable. So here is everyone’s’ job to see where they sit in this re distribution of energy. The more people who are awake and providing grounded, life affirming dialogue and action will be having more influence than usual.  Obviously if you are in very shaky circumstance, the only way you can change that vibration of discontinuity is to meditate on centering in a harmonious space. Every path will have a safe place to focus upon. Please go there. The Triad involving Saturn/North Node, Pluto, and Neptune/Chiron will continue through this week.  This creates a positive point to consider how we  consider our future stability, need for more freedom to really be who we are and the healing of the mass consciousness. This is a slow moving Triad and is the undercurrent of change the cosmos is placing at our feet.  Remember “as above, so below” is a clue to the astrological significance the stars are placing in front of us to mimic. It is our free will that will either focus again on short term gain or go to the long view… yes this is a test of mankind. The weekend is a full moon on the 18th of October. There are classic high energies moving through each cycle of nature and this one is no exception. This can be a time of fruition of a goal if meditative or energy work is done a few days before.  This is a time to consider your goals and how they work gainfully with the healing consciousness of all, directed leadership and stability.  A window of time is from Noon on the 15th through the wee hours on the 16th with a Grand Trine in Air forming with the Moon’s passage. Great healing can occur at this time and everyone’s life has been touched by some disappointment that needs to be treated. You will know if you are on the right track with your ideas by synchronicity of events afterwards. If you are off the mark, you will meet frustration, which in itself is a learning opportunity to adjust to cosmic designs. For those who are hearing the call of a cozy nest with a mate for the winter, Venus will be gracing many people who reach out with a positive contact. With Uranus involved expect the unexpected. There can even be some luck with internet connections this week. The aspect continues through the 22nd of October so good luck to all those lonely hearts! With so much going on this week, I will break it down in daily considerations.

Friday, October 11th there will be an emotional backlash to “the powers that be” as the Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius makes its’ monthly journey across Pluto. It could be noisy and flamboyant but the power it holds will be short lived. Jupiter in Sidereal Gemini will be squaring off in bigger than life ways with personalities, our personal desires and needs, and our feelings of holding on to the past. Also in this mix Jupiter will be positively aspected with Saturn in Sidereal Libra creating true security and lessons learned. In the world of the microcosm, our individual world, we can look with great gratitude for what we do have, earned and blessed with; As well as a relaxing of our future and looking forward to warming up our hearts in all manners.  This effect with Venus in Sidereal Scorpio will go on until October 22nd, so use this time well. This could be transformative.

Saturday, October 12th with the Quincunxes at play, there will be a strong desire to ditch the whole system and go it alone. People will be tired of power plays and want something that feeds their souls and individual natures. Always good in any “group think” is that ability to know what you can do and then balance out what you need other’s to do. We are either operating synergistically or fighting for every break. This may be a day we see how to work proactively rather than belligerently. If the system needs repair or upgrade, this will be a good time to look at possibilities.

Sunday, October 13th A fool hardy waste of energy may be highlighted today. Caution may be thrown to the wind for any future endeavors. This could be bad for everyone if a “last act of defiance” is committed simply because of frustration or immaturity towards specialist goals. Double check how your thoughts fit in the group and then adjust for higher ideals of long term success; Short term actions will only make things worse. The Moon will be in Sidereal Capricorn and forming a cold and hard mind set towards the future if higher causes are not followed. Things are not all a matter of dollars and cents. Long term plans are better off if most people can have their hierarchy of needs met. This will be an undercurrent of energy through the 15th.

Monday, October 14th the break in today will be that no new disrupting influences occur. We have a chance to adjust and focus on what is at hand. The Moon’s shift into Sidereal Aquarius also changes some of the tune in how people think and react. Being able to step back and see the big picture is important today.  This covers all aspects of life so be prepared for individual epiphanies as well.

Tuesday, October 15 of th today will represent a day  things pulling together in a workable solution. Of course there will still be disgruntled personalities, but the main focus will be what is good for everyone. As with all things there is always a flip side to the outcome. This is where individuals doing the great work will know they can proactively interject something of value. As a reminder, today from noonish to the 2:30 am on the 16th this wave of congealing energy (Grand Trine in Air with Triad) can be aided by individual meditation and energy work for where and how this all plays out. Ask yourself if your thoughts are aligned with this cosmic set point or if you want to play the free will card of self interest only. As always this is each individual’s choice and duty to consider what is being offered and what they will do. Please choose wisely. The synchronicities will show you how you fit in that cycle.

Wednesday, October 16th the Moon will move into Sidereal Pisces today and give a review for most of their inner feelings and understandings. This is a time when we recognize how well our intuition can operate. Lots of lucky insights will come to those who are in tune with the watery elements and even those who are not so inclined, will have their gut feelings more in sync than other days.

Thursday, October 17th this is the day before the full Moon when frenzies can be at their highest. With the Moon in Sidereal Pisces conjuncting Uranus today and tomorrow, this could be a crazy day… in a good way.  Wake up and get centered before even leaving the house because you will need to have that steady pace to ride the wave of adventure that could be in store for just about everyone. Not really a shake up, but more of a putting into place all the necessary pieces for the next phase.  Be ready for fast and furious also!  As a suggestion for this day, a simplified Tibetan manifesting technique is to get ready for your day by sitting down with that cup of tea or coffee and focus your intentions for the day into that drink. As you drink in the intentions, internalize the meaning and feelings involved with successful manifesting. Stay focused on the cup until all is left are the dregs.  Any dregs in the cup are the leftovers you want to discard.  Contemplate them as well, and let them go down the drain. Releasing them into another incarnation of activities, just not in your world. Of course this is not something that can be done while commuting, it needs your full focus so get up early and “get er done”.

Blessings and Peace, Connie R. Hansen   


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