Cosmic Waves Oct 4-10

Cosmic Waves October 4 through October 10th 2013

One of the big things happening this week will the final stages of a Grand Square effecting the Sun, Neptune/Chiron and Pluto. What this means in regular speak is a major conflict that must be dealt with to create a needed transformation. This is an action that will get worse on October 7th before it gets better on October 8th. The powers that be relating to this are an inability to work towards higher goals.  Look out for the 7th if you are able to be an observer as the most dramatic displays will occur with an additional layer of another short lived Grand Square.

The source of the conflict will be a very strongly positive triad that focuses on change for a wider group. This time is like an initiation into maturity. It holds up all through the week and well afterwards. With any luck the positive result will be best for the greatest common good. Emotions will be high all week also because the Moon will transit the major points of both the Triad and the Grand Squares. So buckle in and get ready for the fireworks, as aspects of fire are highly prominent in this standoff.

In the long run, we are best off working in the light focusing on core issues rather than flaming arrows or tangents. If such things are not working, evaluate and get them going again. Avoid the darkness of blame and vengeance. Also voicing your opinions either with your words or sign boards is the greatest power towards light.

Friday, October 4th has the Moon and Sun conjunction in Sidereal Virgo.  This means that a big focus to our present lives will revolve around work and getting work done. Lots of stagnancy can be felt as healing energies are not flowing. Also a hard time for material things and romance as our emotions are deeply flowing in survival and ripping away what is hurtful. Expect this square to Venus and Mars to remain until October 8th.  On a mundane level consider alternative plans to the unexpected. They will be needed for the future. This is also a new Moon in Sidereal Virgo. So let go of things that do not meet the practicality model.

Saturday, October 5th following the natural indicator of the Moon for this time, the Moon will Square off with Jupiter.  Jupiter is in Gemini which could go either way and can easily get stuck in neutral. I expect with the polarity of this conflict we will either hear a lot of banter or absolutely nothing. There could also be a voice from the top that sets a tone for the day. Who you are listening to makes all the difference. This is a time to test your sources for truth versus spin.

Sunday, October 6th the Moon will be well placed in sidereal Libra creating an activation of obsessive communication that should fortunately be civil.  The discussion will be focused on the future and those goals that make us stable. I think the mundane world will see a period of static which should mean we should take the day off to recharge for the next week. Taking a place of gratitude for what you have. Focusing on anything else will only cause confusion and frustration.

Monday, October 7th fortunately the Moon will still be in sidereal Libra most of the day and will cause a flood of positive solutions. This will be amid a double Grand Square effecting just about everything we hold dear including our possessions and relationships. There will be great tendency to break out in major hostilities. If at least some people can hold their center and focus on what is really necessary or security and stability. Don’t believe everything you hear as there are a lot of half truths being spoken. Pay attention and check your facts. Including your own critical thinking… perhaps it is time for that to move into grace.

Tuesday, October 8th will find the Moon flowing into Sidereal Scorpio and aspecting Venus and Uranus. Expect the unexpected, and potentially in good way. The shift must occur or a collapse of what is not good for the time will break. This could be either a broken spirit of the mass consciousness or transformation into a higher ideal achieved. At this point, there is as much difficulty as progress in play. I like to think in the positive realm and will see things changing for the good.

Wednesday, October 9th looks like a re run of yesterday. So give the credit to those who want to work out what needs to be done. Be very wary of the truth being twisted as lately the manipulators have relied on short memories to finagle a new position to avoid dishonor. In other words watch out for lies as everyone is likely to encounter a few of them today.

Thursday, October 10th don’t look for any luck today as it will be tied up with conflicts. Instead look to a true leader to guide things into focus and get things on a workable level. This leadership will guide this cosmically ordered adjustment into focus and on track. (Triad with the Saturn, Pluto and Neptune/Chiron). Here again, it will be hard work and leadership that will steady things again.


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