You Weekly Forecast, by Connie Hansen

For the week of September 27th- Oct 3rd

Friday, September 27th shows some powerful forces at play. Just where you are in this balance of power will make all the difference in the world as to how you feel. The Grand Square will affect things in one of two ways depending on your personal code of ethics. You can be totally boxed into a corner with no way out of a situation because of inflexibility to change or you can see the situation as a time to negotiate for something better because the future development of all involved is tied to communicating and what is best to the most people. If on the right track some major good luck will come to everyone.

Saturday, September 28th watch out for very quirky behavior with conflicts of personal ego and what is best for the higher good. This tango will be happening for a few more days so stay present with the situation. Fortunately there are greater emphasis on moving past stumbling blocks and creating a balanced package of stability for all.

Sunday, September 29th unfortunately this will not be a good Sunday for romance or working out family problems. Maybe best if warring factions take relaxing in different corners of the house. Early evening could be a good time to separate the kids to their own rooms and steer them towards reading or preparing for the coming school day.

Monday, September 30th  will be the adults turn to watch for disruptions at work. Emotions and reactive situations could be highly volatile starting early on. The best defense is to stay centered in the professionalism of your thoughts and actions. Let the screwballs fall into disfavor instead of you getting dragged down with them.

Tuesday, October 1st projects that involve with working through transitions or transformations will be met harmoniously as long as people don’t try to take too much credit or control over the group project.  Not a time to undercut a co worker. One bright spot is romance will get a lucky break for some people.  If not that then a great sale item will make its way home with you.

Wednesday, October 2nd a lot of turbulence for the juggling matches of this week. The bright spot is there may be some proposals or unexpected directions in leadership that change the tide. Another good day for shopping or romance so those who need to rekindle, apologize, or just get on the same page with someone important will have their opportunity to balance things out.

Thursday, October 3rd today is less complicated, but the romance flow has just hit a wall. Take this as an opportunity to creatively discuss a difference and come to another agreement that sets a stronger future. If there was a faux paux, then talk it out.


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