August Astro Forecast


By Lynn the Astrologer

August, 2013

New Moon: Tuesday August 6, Full Moon Tuesday August 20

Although the Sun is still high in the sky and it’s plenty hot, in Tulsa people are getting prepared for school. I thought you all would be interested in thinking about school and education issues from the astrologer’s point of view. August and September can be a great time to re-assess your own learning style, education goals and your strategies with astrology. This applies even more so for parents and guardians.

You learn a lot about someone’s learning style from the signs of the zodiac. When Aries is strong in a person’s chart, the person is motivated by excitement and competition – the joy of getting the answer first. The Gemini person likes bits of information for their own sake and lots of conversation, whereas the Virgo person wants to know what is useful. Scorpio wants to investigate or dig up the undisclosed truth. Pisces soaks up knowledge but may fail to demonstrate what he knows. (In the Vedic sidereal zodiac, Albert Einstein had 4 planets in Pisces. He talked late, did well on the violin, but failed in the rigid German curriculum.)

Once you get beyond Sun Sign astrology, you really need to know your planets. Traditionally, Mercury is associated with the logical, mental, fact-based and practical education and ability to learn. If Mercury is well-placed in your chart, you pick up information quickly and remember it well. The opposite is the case if it is in an uncomfortable sign or in a difficult location. In that case, there may be sensory issues, trouble focusing or remembering. This is not the same thing as overall intelligence. Bill Gates has exceptionally good Mercury; Albert Einstein had a very weak one. But overall a person with weaker Mercury will need additional support to survive our current school system and pass tests so their innate intelligence can manifest in our society.

Vedic astrology relates the Moon to the Mind as a whole, in the psychic and spiritual as well as intellectual sense. The Moon is so important in how you experience the world and in how your life unfolds: it is not just your emotions but your whole connection to the world. Vedic astrologers are much more focused on your Moon sign than your Sun sign because of this.

Jupiter will show us your connection to higher values and how you respond to teachers, from your first experience of parents to your college professor or spiritual advisor. People tend to come to Peace of Mind Bookstore or the Church of Holistic Science in search of Jupiter-type experience and knowledge.

Venus is the planet we relate to the arts in all forms, but in Vedic astrology it is also related to mathematics. Einstein, for instance, despite his weak Mercury, had a very strong and well-placed Venus. He played with mathematics in order to understand the universe.

After a summer break, I am back at the bookstore every Saturday from 11 am – 5 pm for consultations, either as a walk-in or by appointment. This is a great month to get your birth chart done to assess education, knowledge, learning issues, or career planning. See you there!


Lynn the Astrologer




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