Planetary Weather June 2013

by Lynn Bootes

JUPITER CHANGES SIGNS! The planet of the month is Jupiter. On May 30 Jupiter left the sign of Taurus and entered Gemini in the sidereal zodiac. Jupiter takes about 12 years to go through its orbit around the Sun, and as a result it is in each sign about one year. The Chinese astrology uses Jupiter to name the Years, as in “Year of the Pig” or “Year of the Dragon.” In Oklahoma anyone old enough to have gone to high school has received their Yearbook. Each class seems to have a unique character or flavor. This is often related to Jupiter. 

People whose birthdays are between June 15 and July 14 have their Sun in Gemini, and you people will be having Jupiter in your Sun sign for the next 12 months. You will notice Jupiter giving you an extra boost. If you have had your Vedic chart calculated and you have a Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising Sign, or a lot of planets in Gemini, you are in for a busy year. If you are having a birthday this year which is a multiple of 12 (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc.), then Jupiter is returning to the sign it was in when you were born and you will experience the same boost.

What about the rest of us? We will all benefit from the fact that Jupiter, a philosophical, expansive planet, is more comfortable in an air sign (Gemini) than in practical, earthy Taurus. Also, Jupiter will be helping to lighten and modify the actions of Saturn, the lord of Time and Trouble, who is currently in the air sign of Libra. In general, communications, media, education and just general conversation and compromise are more likely under Jupiter in Gemini. I can’t help but think this will be good for all of us in Oklahoma. I have already seen the effects of Jupiter in my practice, as clients have been coming in with a lot of concerns about life purpose, education, and career. 

If you are planning an event in June, be aware that the week of June 18-24 is full of auspicious days. Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mercury are all in Gemini. The Moon will be approaching full. Jupiter and Sun are conjunct on Wednesday the 19th and at the full moon on Sunday the 23rd, the Moon will be exactly opposite both Jupiter and the Sun. For those needing time for contemplation and solace, the night of Wednesday June 19th, the Moon will join the beautiful star Spica and the planet Saturn overhead in the late evening hours around 10 pm to midnight.

Is there a down side to Jupiter? Like all good things, Jupiter in excess can be toxic. Think of the Shakespearean character Falstaff, or anyone you know personally who has consumed too much of something, whether it is alcohol, food, or luxury. Some of us are born with a predisposition to such things, and it shows in the horoscope. We may benefit from balancing Jupiter with some bracing self-discipline or sobriety. Others may be born with Jupiter just not very strong, and we find it hard to be optimistic or see outside the box of our current troubles; in these cases we can benefit by embracing the joy and optimism of Jupiter.



We have all been sobered and frightened by the intensity of our late tornado season in Oklahoma, which as I explained last month, around the eclipses on May 9 and May 24. Eclipse season is now over. But be aware that the next eclipse season is this fall, October 18 through November 3. The eclipse cycle falls back by 3 weeks each year. Last fall on the eclipse we had Hurricane Sandy. I expect the most intense of the fall tornadoes and hurricanes to fall in October. 



Office hours: Saturday June 2, 9 and 16, 1-4 pm. I will be away June 23 and 30. Consultations available also by appointment.

June 9 Birthday party. I will be there talking about Jupiter. Ask me about astrology!

Our beginning class has ended. We will be back by popular demand in early fall with the same class on a different weeknight. I need your input on what night is best!


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