Planetary Weather May 2013

By Lynn Bootes

This is eclipse season. There was a partial Lunar Eclipse on April 25. There will be a partial Solar Eclipse on May 8 and a partial Lunar Eclipse on May 25. When the apparent paths of the Sun and Moon line up together or exactly opposite each other in the sky, one of the most awesome events possible occurs: the Moon blocks the Sun’s light at the New Moon (solar eclipse) or the Sun casts Earth’s shadow onto the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). Even though these eclipses won’t be visible in Tulsa, they will have an effect on us. You might notice your emotional ups and downs are, well, more up and down. Tides are higher and storm events more intense. This is a good time for Tulsans to review their safety procedures for tornado season. Those of us born with the Sun or Moon in sidereal Aries (April 15 – May 14) or Libra (October 15-Nov 14) will notice a lot of intense things happening around the first two dates. Those with Sun or Moon in sidereal Taurus (May 15 – June 14) or Scorpio (Nov 15 – Dec 14) will be more affected by the May 25 Lunar eclipse. This is particularly so if one of these eclipses falls exactly on an important degree in your birth chart.

Let me give a personal example. In the summer of 2010, I was fortunate enough to take my family on one of those extended “see the USA” vacations. I was at Plymouth Rock at sunset on an evening in mid-July at the time of an eclipse which passed over some very important spots in my personal birth chart. Though nothing notable happened at the time, within 90 days my life changed dramatically. When my family returned home, we found we had reached a decision that we were done with California, and a series of events unfolded which led to our move to Tulsa. The 90-day rule is the take-home message here; it is recorded in the work of great eastern and western astrologers.

How do we cope with eclipse-type events in our lives? We remember that change happens. We cannot freeze things and keep them a certain way like a snapshot: kids grow up, flowers grow and fade, treasured Easter eggs if kept turn into stink bombs. Chapters in the stories of our lives close and new chapters begin. We can be ready to leave behind that which is finished and prepare for what is coming in without fear.


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