The Joy that Heals

I’ve been using a powerful meditation tool for the past week.  It’s not one I personally invented; I was instructed to do this in a class I attend on Wednesday nights through the church.

Here is how it is done.  Go back in your memory as far back as you can, and remember the very first time you experienced joy.  Concentrate on that moment. Visualize as many details as you can surrounding it.  Who were you with? What was the weather like? What time of year was it? Then go deep into that feeling.  You might find that you will begin to tear-up…I did.  Really let the joy you felt as a child settle into your beingness.  Feel it radiate through your heart.  After a few minutes, imagine yourself surrounded by white light.  Then slowly bring yourself back.  You will feel better… I promise.

The memory I chose was a favorite of mine. I was 3 years-old. It was mid- March, Spring would begin in 2 days. I remember seeing the whitish-grey clouds outside the kitchen window. I remember looking up at my mother who was measuring out the ingredients for a lemon meringue pie. She pulled a chair up to the counter for me to climb up on.  I was her helper. I remember the little blue Pyrex mixing bowl she was separating the egg yolks into.  They looked like little yellow suns in the bottom of that bowl, and we started singing “You Are My Sunshine”.  And to me, that is exactly what my mother was at that time in my life. My whole universe revolved around's mixing bowls

I can remember these details because we were making the pies for my dad. It was his birthday, March 19th, and this was our tradition. One I continued on for years, even after his death.  I was the lucky child who was able to spend the first four years of my life at home by myself with my mom.  None of my sisters or brother was able to do this; there was always another sibling there to vie for her attention.  But not me.  Born 7 years after the older sisters and five years before the younger brother; she was all mine.

And I never realized any of this until I began using the meditation.  I began seeing my childhood differently.  I see my mother differently now.  I have this new security inside me that was lost before and it has made me stronger.  It has healed me from traumas that were to come along later in my life.  By going back to that moment when I felt absolute love and purest joy, I am able to overcome sorrow and loss.   My joy is now my shield to protect me from any negativity.

Once I began using it, others could feel it radiate from me, and they began to change as well.  And if you decide to use this technique, you may find that some reactions to your new presence are somewhat surprising.  It was explained to me thusly;  joy radiates at a higher frequency which may cause negative thoughts and feelings to surface in those around you.  You know how polar opposites attract?  Well, the joy in you acts as a magnet pulling  pain and sorrow up to the surface.  People  may come to you to help them through a situation because they sense somehow you can help.  Surround yourself in that same white light and arm yourself with joy when dealing with them.  Bless them, say a prayer for them or with them, then release it.

And after you have used your specific memory one for a week or so, find a second memory to use; then another, then another.   Pretty soon you will have built an arsenal of joy to combat any negativity in this sometimes overwhelming world of stress and worry.



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