In the course of Church of Holistic Science events, leading up to now, certain elements have become apparent to me.  The first that comes to mind is an element of sacrifice.  According to certain teachers, sacrifice has to hurt.  And if it doesn’t then it truly wasn’t a sacrifice.  Really puts that notion to the test, doesn’t it?  Donating some cans of old kernel corn from the back shelf of your pantry for your son’s United Way food drive, just doesn’t fit the bill.  Tithing only 10% of your earnings each week, if you make thousands doesn’t either. Knowing that giving up something you thought you needed in order to give that energy to someone that needs it more is the idea here.  And in one obvious way, Americans fall short.

I’m not saying that we aren’t a giving society.  We clearly are.  Every year we see how much good comes of coordinated efforts to help those in need when an emergency strikes.  But we have SO much excess to begin with, that when we do give, it doesn’t really, if ever, put us out.  If we did as the Masters say we must, which is to give until it hurts, think of how many problems we could fix.  There literally would be no world hunger, no poverty, nothing to fear because you literally would know that the world had your back.

It is hard to imagine, but not if you put it to the test.  Run your own little experiment.  Take a moment to find an area in need and something that you could donate to help; time, money, food, clothing, etc…then double it.  I guarantee you will feel afraid at first, and all sorts of scenarios will play out in your mind, “I don’t get paid until next week and I need gas.” “I can’t give those items away! What if I need them?”  Do it anyway.  Give until it hurts.

What you will find is that you didn’t need that extra $20.  That somehow, someway, you got by without it. And the immediate relief your sacrifice gives becomes apparent as well.  We have to stop being afraid that there won’t be enough.  That mentality causes us to cling to things we don’t need and deprives other who do.

There will always be enough, once we learn to let go.


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