English: Thanksgiving chapel interior

English: Thanksgiving chapel interior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An attitude of gratitude is the best precursor to true prosperity.  Gratitude opens the gates of plenty and scatters appreciation on all involved. Giving thanks during the month of Thanksgiving is not to be a one time yearly activity.  It is but a reminder that thanks-giving is everyday. If you are reading this, your heart should be pulsing with the joy of life that was given you today! This life also gives you the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the hands to do for the self and others, the mind to reason, and the mouth to laugh and spread Truth.

Share with someone, perhaps one who may not have a family.  Welcome them to join you and your family for your holiday meal. Feed them with good food and opened-hearted acceptance and friendship.  It is easy to serve those you know; therefore, stretch out and help those in separation and aloneness.

Remember, sharing doubles the joy. We own nothing!  All our blessings are to be personally enjoyed and then directly passed to another to bless their life.

Be a messenger of joy and inclusion this month and feed your soul while feeding another.


Your humble servant in Truth and Light.

David Kazmierzak

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