In Light and Love…

Today, I see you all living  in light and love.  Radiate and be  your true self.  I give you the wonderful wisdom of the great Tao- “the way.”

There is nothing in life that does not involve trial. There is nothing worthwhile that does not have a cost.  There is nothing great that does not require a series of small acts.  The great means to triumph over all who oppose it. To achieve that by way of small acts is supreme indeed.

It is easier to give up. It is easier to live a life of indulgence and confusion.  But to do so is to abdicate our lives as spiritual people.  The alternative is to strive for Tao, and, yes, that striving is lonely and painful. But is always a noble striving and an honest life.

So choose, because you must. Choose everyday. And everyday, no matter how painful and hurt and sorrowful you are choose The Way; choose the Tao.

Guru Darshan Singh




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