From the Minister’s Study

At the end of October, we celebrate “Samhain” or Hal-loween where we don masks and costumes all in good fun. As we do so, let us take note of the many masks we wear everyday.

We identify ourselves by various conditions that are false and not our true selves. We have many masks that we have accepted as real; I am a doctor, I am an engineer, a stay at home mom, a clerk, etc…We are a societal position, a cor-porate status, a family lineage, name, nationality, religion, race, or affiliation.

All of these are but incidental parts of our human ex-pression, not our true nature or selves. These various identi-ties may change or fall as we grow and widen our understand-ing. Can we expand and free ourselves from this age old cycle? Remember!! We are Spiritual Beings experiencing life as a Human Beings—spirit in action! We are not human “doings” who are too busy identifying with career, personality, family, social status or our imagined selves.

Take time this month to see how “authentic and real” you can be. Drop the role you play and be who you really are-



In and through the power of light and love, I remain your servant.

David Kazmierzak

(Guru Darshan Singh)


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